Meridiobolbus faustus (PeÂringuey)

Gussmann S. M. & Scholtz, C. H., 2000, Systematic revision of endemic southern African genera of Bolboceratinae (Coleoptera: Scarabaeoidea: Bolboceratidae), Journal of Natural History 34, pp. 1045-1123 : 1087-1089

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Meridiobolbus faustus (PeÂringuey)


Meridiobolbus faustus (PeÂringuey)

(®gures 9a±c, 15a, b, 16a±c, 18a, 19, 24e)

Bolboceras faustum PeÂringuey, 1908: 639 ; Boucomont 1912: 9; Paulian 1941: 26. Meridiobolbus faustus (PeÂringuey) : Krikken 1984: 38.


Body length. 11.4±17.7 mm.

Colour. Mid- to dark brown.

Head. Outer margin of mandible rounded but anteriorly more strongly curved inward (®gure 15a). Labrum (®gure 15a) declivous anteriad and posteriad from feebly developed, slightly arcuate transverse carina; anterior margin distinctly sinuate. Clypeus (®gures 15a, 18a) with strongly elevated transverse anterior carina, in dorsal view medially bowed; with well-de®ned, short diagonal, posteriorly steeply inclined carina, the latter connecting the antero-lateral marginal angle and the respective endpoint of the transverse anterior carina; with distinct lateral carina from endpoint of anterior carina extending to above antennal insertion, from there extending posteriorly in a slightly curved line past eye-canthus on frons reaching posterior end of frons. Frons (®gures 15a, 18a) with bituberculate, strongly elevated transverse carina, positioned between eye-canthi.

Pronotum (®gure 18a). With four equally developed, tuberculate swellings in anterior third; areas between and anteriad to tubercles slightly concave; with feebly indented midline, not reaching anterior declivous part or posterior pronotal margin; with ®ne punctures in posterior half, interspersed by some large punctures, especially along midline; ®ne punctation increasingly replaced by large, partly conūent punctures anteriorly and towards sides; tubercles with ®ne punctures only.

Scutellum (®gure 15b). Basal width about 1.44Ölength; with large, shallow punctures, particularly in the middle.

Elytron (®gure 15b). Striae strongly impressed, their punctures small and separated by three to four puncture diameters; intervals with double punctation (approximately four to six ®ne and 10 minute punctures between two striae).

Legs. Protibia ®ve-dentate. Metafemur with punctation and setation of ventral side as in Bolboceratex (®gure 24e). Metatibia in lateral view elongate, only slightly broadening apically; with subapical carina strongly bilobed; with toothlike projections arranged in two rows above subapical carina.

Male genitalia. Aedeagus as in ®gure 16a±c.

Distribution (®gure 19). Western Botswana, southern Zimbabwe and northeastern South Africa.

Type material examined. LECTOTYPE (here designated):` Bolboceras faustum Typ. Py’ [handwriting PeÂringuey]/` Plumtre e [20.30S 27.50E], Rhodesia, 28/1/03, to light’ /`SAM’ /`Type SAM/ Ent 5078’ [black print and handwriting on red label] ( SAMC). GoogleMaps

Additional material examined (117 specimens). Botswana: 2x, Botsw. , Mahalapye [23.04S 26.50E], 26.iii.1977, A. M. Camerith ( TMSA) GoogleMaps ; 1x, Botswana , 110 km S Francistown [22.03S 27.16E], 12.i.1978, Holm, Jakobs, Kirsten, Scholtz ( UPSA, 97003) GoogleMaps . South Africa: 1x, Transv. , Pietersburg [23.53S 29.24E], ... [illegible] ( SAMC) GoogleMaps ; 1x, Pietersburg , 21.iv.1961, A. Spies ( TMSA) ; 1x, Pietersburg, Janse

(SAMC); 1x, Pietersburg , ... [illegible] ( SANC) ; 1x, Orange Free State, Distr.Parys , Farm Abel, 26.52S 27.37E, 27.xii.1991, C. H. Scholtz ( UPSA) GoogleMaps ; 1x, Naboomspruit [24.32S 28.36E], W.P., 4.ii.1939, A.R.I. ( UPSA) GoogleMaps ; 1x, Pretoria [25.43S 28.11E], i.1961, F.J.Kleynhans ( UPSA) GoogleMaps ; 1x, Pretoria , 5.ii.1910, A. J. T. Janse ( TMSA) ; 1, l Pretoria , xii.1923, G. v. Son ( TMSA) ; 1x, Pretoria , 15.v.1967, B.S. ( UPSA) ; 1, l Waterkloof , Pret. Distr., xi.1903, F. Noome ( TMSA) ; 1, l M.A., ii.1971, Pret.

(UPSA); 1, l N.R., 15.iv.1972, Pret. ( UPSA); 1x, North Rand, Transvaal , ii.1944, G.Kobrow ( TMSA); 1x, Johannesburg [26.12S 28.05E], 6000 ft. GoogleMaps , i.1896, J. P. Cregoe ( MNHN); 1x, same data but GoogleMaps : ii.1896 ( SAMC); 1x, Johannesburg , iii.1937, G. Kobrow ( TMSA); 1x, same data but : i.1907 ( TMSA); 1x, same data but : xii.1906 ( TMSA); 1x, same data but : 15.xii.1901, at light ( TMSA); 1x, same data but : xii.1902, at light ( TMSA); 1m, Jhb, Frankenwald , 20.ii.1970, R. H. Taylor ( UPSA); 1x, C.C., Portuani [not traced], 1907, H. Bazeley ( SAMC); 1x, Tvl., Rivonia , 9.ii.1967, M. J. Russell, Brit. Mus. 1972-258 ( BMNH); 1, l Vryburg [26.57S 24.44E], Louis [illegible], 04 ( SAMC); 2x, Transvaal, Warmbad [24.53S 28.18E] ( ZMHB); 1, l Warmbad , Tvl GoogleMaps ., 29.xii.1988, A.Joubert ( AJCS); 1, l S.A., Rietvlei Dam , 25.44S 28.16E GoogleMaps , 1.iii.1989, leg. K. T. Language ( UPSA); 1, l Transvaal, Waterval Farm , 25.35S 28.16E GoogleMaps , 2.ii.1991, light, leg. R. Dixon ( TMSA); 1x, same data but GoogleMaps : 24.xii.1992 ( TMSA); 1, l Nelspruit [25.32S 30.54E] GoogleMaps , 24.xi.1988, D.J.Kotze ( UPSA); 1x, Modderpoort [29.07S 27.28E] GoogleMaps , 18.xii.1924, A.J.T.Janse ( TMSA); 1x, Nylstroom , 24.39S 28.25E GoogleMaps , 2.iii.1990, F.P.Schoeman ( UPSA); 2x, Transv., Rustenburg [25.40S 27.15E] GoogleMaps , 8-12.xii.1952, D. W. Rorke ( TMSA); 1x, Rustenburg [25.40S 27.15E] GoogleMaps , 27.x.1966, A. L. Capener ( SANC); 3x, North-West, Rustenburg Nat. Res. , 25.42S 27.13E GoogleMaps , 28.ii.1998, leg. C. H. Scholtz, at light ( UPSA); 1x, Noord-Wes, Rustenburg , 25.40S 27.11E GoogleMaps , 28.ii.1998, leg. S. Pieterse ( UPSA); 1x, Rustenburg Natuurreservaat , 25.42S 27.14E GoogleMaps , 28.ii.1998, leg. E. A. M. Booyens ( UPSA); 1x, Rustenburg , 25.43S 27.12E GoogleMaps , 28.ii.1998, R. Olivier ( UPSA); 1x, Noordwes, Rustenberg N.R., 25.43S 27.12E GoogleMaps , 28.ii.1998, J. A. Maatens ( UPSA); 1m, North-West, Rustenberg N /R, 25.13S 27.11E GoogleMaps , 22.ii.1997, B. Botha ( UPSA); 1, l Transv., Cullinan Distr. , H.D. Khotso Farm [not traced], i .& ii.1980, leg. E. Voight ( TMSA); 1x, Kimberley [28.45S 24.46E] ( ZMHB); 1x, Kimberley, 1920, J.H.Power ( SAMC); 1x, Middelburg [Tvl? 25.47S 29.28E], 1907, Vits ( ISNB); 1x, Middelburg GoogleMaps , 10.iii.1910, G.Hewilt ( TMSA); 1x, Transv., Tzaneen 63km S of [ca SE 24 30 Da] , 29.xii.1977, J.Boomker ( UPSA); 1m, Pretoria, Verwoerdburg [25.50S 28.13E] GoogleMaps , 19.ii.1991, wild olive tree, leg. L.D.Jemings ( TMSA); 1x, Barberton [25.47S 31.03E] GoogleMaps , xii.1940, W. G. Kobrow ( TMSA); 1x, Potchefstroom [26.43S 27.06E] T. Ayres ( TMSA); 3x, Bultfontein [28.12S 26.09E] GoogleMaps , 8.i.1907 ( TMSA); 1x, same data ( HAHC); 5x, Gri n Mine [near Leydsdorp, 23.59S 30.31E] GoogleMaps , i.1915, H.G.Breijer ( TMSA); 2x, Zoutpan [25.24S 28.06E], Pta GoogleMaps , 9.xii.1926, G. van Son ( TMSA); 1x, Pretoria Distr., Soutpan , 25.24S 28.06E GoogleMaps , 9.xii.1987, M.W.Mansell ( SANC); 1x, Tweefontein [NE Pretoria?] , 13.i.1907 ( TMSA); 1x, Vaal Rivier, Bargage [not traced] , 10.xii.1931, G.v.Son ( TMSA); 2x, Moor [d] drift, [O. F.S., 24.17S 28.58E] GoogleMaps x.1909, C. J. Swierstra ( TMSA); 2x, Grootdraai [not traced], Olifants Riv., N.E. Tvl ., x.1927, H.Lang ( TMSA); 1x, Leydsdorp [23.59S 30.32E] GoogleMaps , 16.x.1907, J. Maughton ( TMSA); 1x, Tvl., Bundu Inn, nr. Verena [Verena: 25.29S 29.01E] GoogleMaps , 5.xi.1973, at camp site, E. Breytenbach ( TMSA); 1x, Ndumu [26.53S 32.16E], Zulul GoogleMaps ., xii.1960, van Son ( TMSA); 1x, BuOEelspoort [25.48S 27.29E] GoogleMaps , 17.xii.1924, A. J. T. Janse ( TMSA); 1, l Pretoria, UV-Lichtfalle, Farm Roodeplaat [ca 25.38S 28.23E] GoogleMaps , vii.1961, P. Neubecker ( HNHM); 1x, Thabazimbi, Tweeloopf 50 km NW, SE 24 27 Ac , 26.iii.1989, E. Holm, E. Marais ( UPSA); 1x, Transvaal ,

Argent [26.03S 28.49E], 7± 10.xii.1968, A. L. Capener ( HAHC) GoogleMaps ; 1m, Roodepoort , 26.11S 27.51E, 1.iv.1997, H. Laity ( UPSA) GoogleMaps ; 1m, North-West, Dikhololo , 25.22S 27.34E, 14.ii.1997, H. Gray ( UPSA) GoogleMaps ; 1, l Transvaal, Frm.: Rhenosterpoort , 25.43S 28.56E, 15.ii.1980, leg. Schulze ( TMSA) GoogleMaps ; 1, l Transvaal, Waterval Farm , 25.35S 28.16E, 2.ii.1993, at light, leg. R. Dixon ( TMSA) GoogleMaps ; 1x, same data but: 30.xii.1976, E-Y: 1319, on gas-lamp light, leg. Proz. - Schulze ( TMSA) GoogleMaps ; 1x, S. Afr., Kruger Nat. Park, Skukuza Rest Camp , 24.59S 31.36E, E-Y: 3120, UV light trap, leg. Endroedy- Younga ( TMSA) GoogleMaps ; 1x, Skukuza , E.Tvl., 5.x.1971, T.B. & A.P. ( SANC) ; 1, l4x (SANC), 1x (HAHC), Skukuza [25.00S 31.35E], KNP, 1.xii.1971, H. D. Catling ( SANC) GoogleMaps ; 1x, Hennops River , v.1967, V. H. Wahl ( HAHC) ; 1, l5x, Groenvlei [24.15S 27.02E], 3.i.1907 ( TMSA) GoogleMaps ; 3x, Tvl, Hoedspruit, Vienna Game Farm , 24.17S 30.58E, 500 m, 17± 18.i.1991, B. Grobbelaar ( SANC) GoogleMaps ; 1x, NWP, Veekraal (28.20S 27.44E), 23.iii.1996, J. Marshall ( UPSA) GoogleMaps ; 2x, Fount. Gr. [not traced], ii.1901, Jutrzencka ( SANC) ; 1x, Rietf. [not traced], 31.i.1907 ( TMSA) ; 4x (TMSA), 1x (SAMC), no locality data. Zimbabwe: 3x ( ISNB) , 1x (SANC), 1x (SAMC), Plumtree [20.30S 27.50E], Rhod. , 8.i.1907 ( ISNB) GoogleMaps ; 1x, same data but: 2.i.1907 ( SAMC) GoogleMaps ; 1x, S. Rhod., Insiza [Nsiza 19.44S 29.12E], i.1919, G. French ( SAMC) GoogleMaps ; 1x, same data but: i.1949, G. French ( SAMC) GoogleMaps ; 1x, Hillside [20.10S 28.35E], S.Rh., 28.ii.1923, Swinburne & Stevenson ( TMSA) GoogleMaps ; 1x, S. Rhodesia, Empandeni [Empandine, 20.43S 27.55E], 1911, Rev. J. O’ Neil ( SAMC) GoogleMaps ; 1x, Bulawayo [20.10S 28.43E], 27.xii.1924, R. H. R. Stevenson ( TMSA) GoogleMaps ; 1x, S. Rhodesia, Khami [20.18S 28.27E]/ Bulawayo (aÁ la lumieÁre), 10.i.1954, Mr Cooke ( MRAC) GoogleMaps .

Comments. Intraspeci®c variability between major and minor males and between males and females of Meridiobolbus faustus (PeÂringuey) is very small. The bituberculate transverse carina on the frons immediately distinguishes Meridiobolbus faustus from its congeneric species.


Iziko Museums of Cape Town


Transvaal Museum


University of Pretoria


Agricultural Research Council-Plant Protection Research Institute


Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle


Hungarian Natural History Museum (Termeszettudomanyi Muzeum)


Musée Royal de l’Afrique Centrale














Meridiobolbus faustus (PeÂringuey)

Gussmann S. M. & Scholtz, C. H. 2000

Bolboceras faustum PeÂringuey, 1908: 639

KRIKKEN, J. 1984: 38
PAULIAN, R. 1941: 26
BOUCOMONT, A. 1912: 9
PEARINGUEY, L. 1908: 639
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