Orasema worcesteri ( Girault, 1913 )

Burks, Roger A., Heraty, John M., Dominguez, Chrysalyn & Mottern, Jason L., 2018, Complex diversity in a mainly tropical group of ant parasitoids: Revision of the Orasema stramineipes species group (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea: Eucharitidae), Zootaxa 4401 (1), pp. 1-107 : 99-101

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https://doi.org/ 10.11646/zootaxa.4401.1.1

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Orasema worcesteri ( Girault, 1913 )


Orasema worcesteri ( Girault, 1913) View in CoL

urn:lsid:zoobank.org:act:2C9FE90A-FBB8-440D-9470-7D9860A00BB1 ( Figs 253–260 View FIGURES 253–258 View FIGURES 259–260 )

Eucharomorpha worcesteri Girault, 1913: 62 View in CoL –63. Type material: Paraguay: San Bernardino (1♂). Orasema View in CoL doello-juradoi Gemignani, 1933: 490 –491. Synonymy by Heraty et al., 1993. Type material: Argentina: Isla Martin Garcia (1 ♀).

Orasema violacea Gemignani, 1947: 8 View in CoL –9. Name preoccupied by Orasema violacea Ashmead, 1888 View in CoL . syn. n. Type material: Argentina: Isla Martin Garcia (1 ♀).

Orasema gemignanii De Santis, 1967: 8 View in CoL . Replacement name for Orasema violacea Gemignani. View in CoL syn. n. Orasema worcesteri View in CoL . Bouček, 1988: 519. Change of combination.

Diagnosis. F2 longer than F3. Head, mesosoma, and petiole finely reticulate. No other reticulate species is as finely reticulate as O. worcesteri ( Figs 256, 257 View FIGURES 253–258 ), which lacks areolate sculpture on the mesosoma.

Description. Female. Length 2.62–4.04 mm.

Color: Head and mesosoma green to blue with golden to purplish luster, becoming more blue-green laterally. Pedicel yellowish brown; anellus yellow to yellowish brown; flagellum brown. Coxae mostly purple, with some blue green areas, becoming yellow apically; fore femur yellow or brown; mid and hind femora yellow or with a small brown area. Fore wing hyaline; venation brown. Petiole green to blue-green; gaster yellowish or brown with blue to purple luster.

Head: Head width:head height 1.1–1.2; face reticulate; longitudinal groove between eye and torulus absent; eyes bare, inter-ocular distance:eye height 1.5–1.6; malar space:eye height 0.7–0.8; supraclypeal area longer than broad, smooth centrally, weakly sculptured peripherally; clypeus weakly sculptured. Flagellum length:head height 1.0–1.4; F2 2.3–2.7× as long as broad, 1.2–1.5× as long as F3; following funiculars progressively shorter and broader.

Mesosoma: Mesosoma length:height 1.3–1.5. Mesoscutal midlobe finely reticulate, with minute setae; lateral lobe finely reticulate. Axilla areolate-reticulate; mesoscutellar disc areolate-reticulate; frenal line long and irregularly foveate; frenum reticulate; axillular groove anteriorly narrow, broad and foveate posteriorly; axillula areolate-reticulate. Propodeum with irregular median carina sometimes flanked by grooves; propodeal disc medially areolate reticulate, laterally reticulate; callus reticulate, with a few small setae. Mesepisternum mostly reticulate laterally and ventrally, with a small smooth area anteriorly, broadly rounded anterior to mid coxa. Upper mesepimeron reticulate dorsally, smooth ventrally; lower mesepimeron reticulate dorsally, with a small smooth area ventrally; transepimeral sulcus distinct. Metepisternum laterally reticulate. Hind coxa 1.9–2.2× as long as broad; hind femur 5.1–5.4× as long as broad. Fore wing 2.4–2.8× as long as broad, 2.4–2.6× as long as mesothorax; stigma with 4 sensilla separated into pairs. Hind wing costal cell with a broad bare area.

Metasoma: Petiole 1.3–1.5× as long as broad, 0.7–0.9× as long as hind coxa, finely reticulate, anterior carina weak. Antecostal sulcus crossed by carinae; acrosternite posteriorly angulate.

Male. Unknown.

Biology. Parasitoid of Pheidole radoszkowskii (see Heraty et al. 1993).

Distribution. Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay.

Material examined. Holotype: PARAGUAY: San Bernardino [♂, ZMHB: UCRCENT00425195 ] . Additional material examined: ARGENTINA: Catamarca: Sumalao , 28°26'54"S, 65°46'17"W, 30.i–5.ii.1958, R. Golbach [1 ♀, IFML: UCRCENT00439067 ] GoogleMaps . Las Estancias , 1600m, 27°29'55"S, 66°01'26"W, 15.i.2004, P. Fidalgo [3 ♀, IFML: UCRCENT00439060–61 , MACN: UCRCENT00483464 ] GoogleMaps . Salta: Cabeza de Buey , 781m, 24°47'24"S, 64°01'48"W, 21.iii.2003, J. Heraty [2 ♀, UCRC: UCRCENT00169636 , UCRCENT00169638 ] GoogleMaps . Rosario de la Frontera , RN9, Lumbrera, Juramento Riv., 681m, 25°12'36"S, 64°54'59"W, 21.iii.2003, J. Heraty [1 ♀, UCRC: UCRCENT00447978 (D1093)] GoogleMaps . Tucuman: Amaicha del Valle , 26°35'19"S, 65°55'10"W, xii.1965, H. & M. Townes [1 ♀, EMUS: UCRCENT00476387 ] GoogleMaps . Ticucha , 656m, 26°31'04"S, 65°15'04"W, 16.iv.1986, P. Fidalgo [1 ♀, IFML: UCRCENT00439066 ] GoogleMaps . BRAZIL: Minas Gerais: Serra da Moeda , 20°19'53"S, 44°03'13"W, 18.x.1997, D. Yanega [2 ♀, UCRC: UCRCENT00412875 , UCRCENT00412886 ] GoogleMaps . Pará: PNA Tapajos, Urua, km. 65 Trans Am. Hwy , 120m, 4°42'29.8"S, 56°42'24.6"W, 24.vi.1979, L.A. Lacey [12 ♀, UCRC: UCRCENT00397253 , UCRCENT00397285 , UCRCENT00412812 , UCRCENT00412920–22 , UCRCENT00413108 , UCRCENT00413181–83 , UCRCENT00413188 , UCRCENT00397270 ] GoogleMaps . PARAGUAY: Caaguazú: Estancia Primera , 25°27'37"S, 56°00'16"W, 1.xii.1931, R. F. Hussey [1 ♀, UMMZ: UCRCENT00243593 ] GoogleMaps .


Museo Argentino de Ciencias Naturales Bernardino Rivadavia


University of California, Riverside


University of Michigan, Museum of Zoology














Orasema worcesteri ( Girault, 1913 )

Burks, Roger A., Heraty, John M., Dominguez, Chrysalyn & Mottern, Jason L. 2018

Eucharomorpha worcesteri

Girault, 1913 : 62
Gemignani, 1933 : 490

Orasema violacea

Gemignani, 1947 : 8

Orasema gemignanii

De Santis, 1967 : 8
Bouček, 1988 : 519
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