Telchinia encedana (Pierre, 1976)

Delabye, Sylvain, Maicher, Vincent, Safian, Szabolcs, Potocky, Pavel, Mertens, Jan E. J., Przybylowicz, Lukasz, Murkwe, Mercy, Kobe, Ishmeal N., Fokam, Eric B., Janecek, Stepan & Tropek, Robert, 2020, First records of 31 species of butterflies and moths (Lepidoptera) in Cameroon, with remarks on their elevational ranges, Biodiversity Data Journal 8, pp. 50543-50543: 50543

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Telchinia encedana (Pierre, 1976)


Telchinia encedana (Pierre, 1976)  

Nymphalidae   , Heliconiinae  


Type status: Other material. Occurrence: individualCount: 1; sex: male; lifeStage: adult; Taxon: scientificName: Telchiniaencedana (Pierre, 1976); Location: continent: Africa; country: Cameroon; stateProvince: Northwest Region; locality: Mendong Buo, Big Babanki, Bamenda Highlands ; verbatimElevation: 2,200 m; decimalLatitude: 06.0921; decimalLongitude: 10.2987; Identification: identifiedBy: Robert Tropek; dateIdentified: 2017; Event: samplingProtocol: Butterfly net; eventDate: 30/11/2016; habitat: Mosaic of mountain forest remnants, forest clearings dominated by Pteridiumaquilinum, submontane grasslands maintained by cattle grazing and species-rich scrub vegetation along streams; Record Level: type: PhysicalObject; institutionID:; institutionCode: ZMJU; basisOfRecord: PreservedSpecimen GoogleMaps  


This relatively widespread species was recorded from numerous countries of the Guinean (from Senegal to Cameroon) and Congolian (Democratic Republic of the Congo) biogeographic regions, but also from the Ethiopian, Somalian, Zambezian and Shaba regions. In Cameroon, its only record was published by Aurivillius (1905) more than a century ago, from the Adamawa Province. Our recent record therefore confirmed its presence in the country and extended the species’ distribution range to the Northwest Province (Fig. 30 View Figure 30 ).