Chenopodium Vulvaria, Linn.

C. H. Wright, 1912, Chenopodium vulvaria, Flora Capensis (Flora Capensis 5), pp. 438-438 : 438-

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Chenopodium Vulvaria


7. C. Vulvaria (Linn. Sp. Pl. ed. I. 220)

; stem ascending, branched; leaves rhomboid-ovate, obtuse or acute, entire, ½- 1 in. long, ⅓-¾ in. wide, white-pulverulent especially beneath; petiole up to ½ in. long; flowers in subsessile clusters closely placed along the rhachis, 1 lin. in diam.; perianth-segments elliptic-ovate, not keeled, green with white margins, farinose outside; stamens as long as the perianth; seed depressed, rather acute at the margin; embryo annular. Fl. Dan, t. 1152; Moquin in DsC. Prodr. xiii. ii. 64, 460. C. olidum Curt. Fl. Lond. fasc. v. t. 20; Drege, Zwei Pfl. Documente, 67.

Coast Region: Albany Div.; near Grahamstown   GoogleMaps , MacOwan, 3414, partly! Kingwilliams Town Div.; banks of the Buffalo River near King Williams Town Galpin, 5939!. ' Western Region: Little Namaqualand; on hills at Brakdam , 2000 ft, Schlechter, 11159! , Central Region: Prince Albert Div .; between Droogeheuvel and Jackhals Fontein , 2500-3000 ft., Drege . Kalahari Region: Transvaal; Pretoria , Miss Leendertz, 12 ! Also in Europe and North Africa. -