Anufrievia quadrata Cao & Zhang, 2018

Cao, Yanghui, Yang, Meixia, Lin, Shuanghu & Zhang, Yalin, 2018, Review of the leafhopper genus Anufrievia Dworakowska (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae: Typhlocybinae: Erythroneurini), Zootaxa 4446 (2), pp. 203-232 : 220-221

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Anufrievia quadrata Cao & Zhang

sp. nov.

17. Anufrievia quadrata Cao & Zhang sp. nov.

( Figs 15 View FIGURE 15 , 25o View FIGURE 25 )

Ground color of holotype orange, vertex with pair of dark patches at transition to face, eyes grey, basal triangles black. Natural color of paratype changed after removal from alcohol. Head and thorax testaceous, eyes grey, basal triangles of mesonotum black, fore wing light brown.

Abdominal apodemes broad, not extended to hind margin of 3rd sternite ( Fig. 15a View FIGURE 15 ).

Male genitalia: Pygofer with 1–2 macroseta(e) at cephalo-ventral angle of lobe ( Fig. 15b View FIGURE 15 ); dorsal appendage triangular, slightly curved ventrad apically, with small protrusion medially on ventral surface ( Fig. 15c View FIGURE 15 ). Style curved dorsad subapically, apical tooth much longer and broader than subapical tooth ( Figs 15f, g View FIGURE 15 ). Aedeagal shaft long, with paired apical processes which slightly expand apically, apical processes of paratype longer than those of holotype and obviously bent; preatrial process short, not reaching gonopore, almost rectangular in ventral view; gonopore near middle ( Figs 15i –l View FIGURE 15 ).

Measurement: Male 2.90–3.00mm.

Material examined: Holotype: ♂ [ QSBG], THAILAND: Phetchabun, Khao Kho NP, Deciduous forest at Ta Pol River , 16°32.539'N, 101°2.483'E, 242m, Malaise trap, 12–19.v.2007, coll. Somchai Chachumnan & Saink Singtong GoogleMaps . Paratype: 1♂ [ INHS], THAILAND: Phetchabun, Thung Salaeng Luang NP, Gang Wang nam yen 3, 16°34.36'N, 100°52.83‘E, 725m, Malaise trap, 30.vii–6.viii. 2007, coll. Pongpitak & Sathit GoogleMaps .

Remarks: Distinguished from all the other species by the shortened and rectangular preatrial process. Etymology: The specific epithet is derived from the Latin word “ quadratus ”, referring to the shape of preatrial process in ventral view.


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