Riotintobolus Wesener, 2009,

Wesener, Thomas, 2020, Ecotone shifts in southern Madagascar: first barcoding data and six new species of the endemic millipede genus Riotintobolus (Spirobolida, Pachybolidae), ZooKeys 953, pp. 1-29: 1

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Riotintobolus Wesener, 2009


Genus Riotintobolus Wesener, 2009 

Type species.

Riotintobolus mandenensis  Wesener, 2009, by original designation.

Other species included.

Riotintobolus minutus  Wesener, 2009

Riotintobolus aridus  Wesener, 2009

Riotintobolus anomalus  Wesener, 2009

Riotintobolus tsimelahy  sp. nov.

Riotintobolus mangatsiaka  sp. nov.

Riotintobolus lavanono  sp. nov.

Riotintobolus bovinus  sp. nov.

Riotintobolus antafoky  sp. nov.

Riotintobolus makayi  sp. nov.


Southern spiny forests and gallery forests, southeastern littoral rainforests (Fig. 2View Figure 2).