Notozothecium lamotheargumedoi Cohen & Kohn, 2008,

Lopes, Daniela A., Mainenti, Adriana, Sanches, Magda, Knoff, Marcelo & Gomes, Delir Correa, 2016, Type material of Platyhelminthes (Monogenoidea) housed in the Helminthological Collection of the Oswaldo Cruz Institute / FIOCRUZ (CHIOC), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from 1979 to 2016, ZooKeys 616, pp. 1-75: 34-35

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scientific name

Notozothecium lamotheargumedoi Cohen & Kohn, 2008


Taxon classification Animalia Dactylogyridea Dactylogyridae

Notozothecium lamotheargumedoi Cohen & Kohn, 2008 

Type host.

Rhaphiodon vulpinus  Spix & Agassiz, 1829 ( Osteichthyes  : Cynodontidae  ).

Infection site.


Type locality.

Brazil, Paraná State, inside and outside of the reservoir of Itaipu Hydroelectric Power Station, Foz do Iguaçú (25°32'52"S, 54°35'17"W).


CHIOC 36895.


CHIOC 36896 a–b, 36897 a–d, 36898, 36899 a–d, 36900 a–s, 36901 a–e.


Paratypes collected in different localities of the reservoir of Itaipu Hydroelectric Power Station: CHIOC 36897 a–d and 36898 (Santa Helena, 24°51'37"S, 54°19'58"W), and 36899 a–d, 36900 a–d and 36901 a–e ( Guaíra, 24°04'48"S, 54°15'21"W).


Cohen and Kohn (2008b).