Piabina argentea Reinhardt, 1867

Smith, Welber Senteio, Halcsik, Leticia, Biagioni, Renata Cassemiro, Pinheiro, Lúcio Antônio Stefani & Severino Stefani, Marta, 2021, An updated list of the ichthyofauna of Ipanema National Forest, São Paulo, Brazil, Check List 17 (3), pp. 827-840: 833

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http://doi.org/ 10.15560/17.3.827



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Piabina argentea Reinhardt, 1867


Piabina argentea Reinhardt, 1867  

Material examined. BRAZIL – São Paulo • Iperó,

Ipanema River; 23°22.40′S, 049°38.51′W; 560 m alt.; 15. VI.2016; W.S. Smith and L. Halcsik leg.; hand nets; LEEF 140122 (12 spec., 23.0−55.0 mm SL).

Identification. Body elongated; mouth subterminal; outer row of premaxilla with 2 or 3 teeth, median row with 2 and inner row with 4, dentary with 6 or 7 and maxilla with 2 or 3 teeth. Lateral line complete, with 37– 40 pored scales; transversal series above lateral line with 5 or 5½ scales above and below with 3 or 3½ scale rows. Dorsal fin with 10 rays, pectoral fin with 15–17, pelvic fin with 8, anal with 17–21, and caudal fin with 19 rays. Ground color silvery to pale yellow; black humeral spot ( Graça and Pavanelli 2007; Ota et al. 2018).


Mykotektet, National Veterinary Institute