Indotestudo elongata (Blyth, 1853)

Mulcahy, Daniel G., Lee, Justin L., Miller, Aryeh H., Chand, Mia, Thura, Myint Kyaw & Zug, George R., 2018, Filling the BINs of life: Report of an amphibian and reptile survey of the Tanintharyi (Tenasserim) Region of Myanmar, with DNA barcode data, ZooKeys 757, pp. 85-152: 85

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Indotestudo elongata (Blyth, 1853)


Indotestudo elongata (Blyth, 1853)   Elongate Tortoise Fig. 4A


A shell of this species was seen in Yeybu village. Carapace length (straight) was approximately 22 cm; sex indeterminate owing to absence of a plastron. Nine distinct growth annuli were visible on the second right pleural scute.

Natural history notes.

The tortoise from which the shell was derived was presumably from the adjacent forest.

General Distribution.

Widespread, Nepal, northern peninsular and Northeast India to Southeast Asia into northernmost West Malaysia.

Molecular Data.

No molecular data available.

Specimens examined.

The specimen was found in a camp and photo vouchered. USNM Herp Image 2896

Red List status.

EN (Endangered); CITES Appendix II.