Dinapsis oculohirta Hedqvist, 1967

van Noort, Simon, Shaw, Scott Richard & Copeland, Robert S., 2022, Revision of the endemic African genus Dinapsis (Dinapsini, Megalyridae, Hymenoptera) with description of seven new species, ZooKeys 1112, pp. 27-122 : 27

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Dinapsis oculohirta Hedqvist, 1967


Dinapsis oculohirta Hedqvist, 1967

Fig. 19 View Figure 19

Material examined.

Holotype. Madagascar • ♀; Esira [24.325870°S, 46.708602°E]; Museum Paris; Sep. 1940; A. Seyrig leg. [blue labels]; Coll. Mus. Tervuren [white label] GoogleMaps ; HOLOTYPUS Dinapsis oculohirta sp. n. ♀ K-J Hedqvist det. 1967 [red label]; MNHN.

Additional specimens examined.

Madagascar • 1 ♀; Toliara Province, Forêt de Kirindy, 15.5 km 64˚ENE Marofandilia, 26 November-3 December 2008; 20°04'07"S, 044°39'34"E, California Acad. of Sciences , B.L. Fisher leg., Malaise trap; tropical dry forest, 30 m a.s.l.; BLF-18284-56; CASENT2237108; CAS GoogleMaps 1 ♀; Tulear Province, Beroboka village, 45 km NE Morandava; 430 ft a.s.l.; 22-30 May 2008; 19°58.65'S, 44°39.92'E; California Acad. of Sciences ; M. Irwin, R. Harin’Hala leg.;, Antsarongaza dry forest; Malaise; MG-45A-24; CASENT2187500CAS GoogleMaps 1 ♂; same data except Antsarongaza gallery forest; MG-45B-26; CASENT2187503CAS GoogleMaps 1 ♀; Tulear Province, Androimpano Forest , 5 km E of Itampolo; 11-18 Dec. 2009; 24°39.02'S, 43°57.79'E; M. Irwin, R. Harin’Hala leg.; Malaise; path in dry forest; 130 m a.s.l.; MG-54C-53; CASENT2187501CAS GoogleMaps 1♂; Tulear Province, Beza Mahafaly Reserve, Parcelle 1 near research station; 10-29 Apr. 2002; 23°41.19'S, 44°35.46'E; M.E. Irwin, F.D. Parker, R. Harin’Hala leg.; Malaise trap in dry deciduous forest; 165 m a.s.l.; MA-02-14A-23; CASENT2187502CAS GoogleMaps 1 ♀; same data except 9-20 Sep. 2002; MA-02-14A-35; CASENT2118387CAS GoogleMaps 1 ♂; same data except 1-8 Feb. 2002; MA-02-14B-14; CASENT2118380CAS GoogleMaps 1 ♀; Tulear Province, Berenty Special Reserve , 85 m a.s.l.; 8 km NW Amboasary; 25°00.40'S, 46°18.20'E; 26 Jan.-5 Feb. 2003; M.E. Irwin, F.D. Parker, R. Harin’Hala leg.; Malaise trap; gallery forest; MA-02-22-14; CASLOT 016980; SEM CAS GoogleMaps 1 ♀; same data except 24 Mar.-3 Apr. 2003; MA-02-22-20; CASENT2118383CAS GoogleMaps 1 ♂; same data except 27 Dec. 2002 - 7 Jan. 2003; MA-02-22-11; CASENT2118382CAS GoogleMaps 1 ♀; same data except 22-30 Nov. 2003; spiny forest; MA-02-22A-04; CASENT2118384CAS GoogleMaps .


(Fig. 43 View Figure 43 ) Madagascar.


Dinapsis oculohirta is known only from southern Madagascar (Anosy and Toliara [= Tulear] provinces). Dinapsis oculohirta was named for the conspicuous dense setae that cover the compound eyes (Fig. 19C, E View Figure 19 ). It can be distinguished from other members of the Dinapsis oculohirta species group by the presence of a small median groove between the ocelli (Fig. 19E View Figure 19 ). See also couplet 6 of the key to species, and the Dinapsis oculohirta species-group discussion in the species-group section of this paper.