Theodoxus pallida Dunker, 1861

Gloeer, Peter & Pesic, Vladimir, 2012, The freshwater snails (Gastropoda) of Iran, with descriptions of two new genera and eight new species, ZooKeys 219, pp. 11-61: 14-15

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Theodoxus pallida Dunker, 1861


Theodoxus pallida Dunker, 1861   Figs 3a-b View Figure 3

Records from Iran.

Isfahan and Fars Province ( Starmühlner and Edlauer 1957).

Material examined.

NHMW 75000/E/50824, " Theodoxus pallidus   Dunker" Persien, Brackiger Quellsee, 500 m, nördl. vom Niris-see, leg. Starmühlner 1949.


Starmühlner and Edlauer (1957) provide a detailed description of the anatomy of this species but did not consider the operculum, the most important diagnostic feature. On the other hand, as figured in Starmühlner and Edlauer (1957), the receptaculum seminis and the bursa copulatrix differ in length (while being of equal length in Theodoxus fluviatilis)   .

The re-examination of the specimens of Theodoxus pallida   (Dunker, 1862) from Edlauer’s collection in NHMW clearly shows that this species is distinct from Theodoxus fluviatilis   due to the shape of shell and the operculum ( Fig. 3 View Figure 3 ). As already mentioned by Dunker (1862) the spire in Theodoxus pallida   is higher than in Theodoxus fluviatilis   ,and furthermore the apophysis of the operculum is broader and not attenuated at its basis ( Fig. 3c View Figure 3 ). In addition the callus at border of the operculum in Theodoxus pallida   is much stronger ( Fig. 3c View Figure 3 arrow).