Coleospermum goeppertianum (goppertianum) Kirch. ex Frank

Gupta, Pratibha, 2021, First report of diversity of Cyanobacteria of Broknes Peninsula of Larsemann Hills, East Antarctica, Cryptogamie, Algologie 20 (15), pp. 241-251 : 249

publication ID 10.5252/cryptogamie-algologie2021v42a15


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Coleospermum goeppertianum (goppertianum) Kirch. ex Frank


Coleospermum goeppertianum (goppertianum) Kirch. ex Frank

Dr. Johannes Leunis Synopsis der Pflanzenkunde 3: 222 ( Frank 1886).

DESCRIPTION. — Filament mostly solitary, more or less straight or slightly curved; cells more or less short cylindrical, sometimes slightly lenticular, mostly separated from one another; heterocysts only basal, ovate, or globose or compressed globose; sheath thin, without lamellation ( Fig. 8O View FIG ).

DIMENSION. — Cells 3.6-5.8 µm broad; heterocysts 5.0-6.5 µm broad.

ENVIRONMENT & HABITAT. — Freshwater species; planktonic; temperature 0.5°C.

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