Magnolia caloptila (Y.W. Law & Y.F. Wu) C.B. Callaghan & S.K. Png, C. B. Callaghan & S. K. Png, 2020

Callaghan, Christopher B. & Png, Siak K., 2020, Twenty-six additional new combinations in the Magnolia (Magnoliaceae) of China and Vietnam, PhytoKeys 146, pp. 1-35: 1

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Magnolia caloptila (Y.W. Law & Y.F. Wu) C.B. Callaghan & S.K. Png

comb. nov.

Magnolia caloptila (Y.W. Law & Y.F. Wu) C.B. Callaghan & S.K. Png   comb. nov.


Michelia caloptila   Y.W. Law & Y.F. Wu. In: Bull. Bot. Res., Harbin 4(2): 152, 154: fig. s.n. (1984).

Chinese name.

美毛含笑 meaning "beautiful-haired michelia"


CHINA. Jiangxi Province: Zixi County, Nangang, Matoushan, 450 m, in woods, 17 September 1980, Jiangxi gong-da linxue-xi ( JXAU) 80069 (holotype: IBSC! + online image!; isotypes: LBG online images!).

Digital images of type specimens below accessed 19 March 2019:

holotype [ IBSC: 0003281]: ( Sima 2011: 316, photo 2-58).

isotype [ LBG: 00004082]:

isotype [ LBG: 00004123]:

Michelia fujianensis   Q.F. Zheng. In: Xia and Deng (2002: 130) and Xia et al. (2008: 83), both p.p. quoad syn. Michelia caloptila   Y.W. Law & Y.F. Wu.

Michelia caloptila   Y.W. Law & Y.F. Wu. In: Sima (2011: 234), p.p. excl. syns. Michelia concinna   H. Jiang & E.D. Liu and Michelia septipetala   Z.L. Nong.

Note 1.

Michelia caloptila   Y.W. Law & Y.F. Wu was listed as a dubious species in Chen and Nooteboom (1993: 1088), in which it was noted that specimens had not been seen. It was subsequently reduced to a synonym of Michelia fujianensis   as noted above. It is recognised as a genuine species by Law et al. (1996: 189), Liu et al. (2004: 228), Deng and Yang (2015: 167), Yang et al. (2016: 237) and Sima (2011: 234), wherein M. caloptila   is in Michelia subsection Micheliopsis   , series Micheliopsis   and M. fujianensis   is in Michelia subsection Velutinae   . Differences between the abaxial indumentum of the 9-16 cm long leaves of M. caloptila   and of the 6-11 cm long leaves of M. fujianensis   are illustrated in Plate 3-2E ( M. caloptila   ) and Plate 3-3E ( M. fujianensis   ) of Sima (2011: 325; 326). Further substantiation of the specific status of M. caloptila   is evident from a comparison of its morphological features with those of M. fujianensis   , as shown in Table 1 View Table 1 on the following page.

Note 2.

As a consequence of the above substantiation of the species status of Michelia caloptila   , plus the past reduction to Magnolia   of the remaining genera of subfamily Magnolioideae  , Michelia caloptila   is here transferred to Magnolia   .