Orectolobus, Bonaparte, 1834

White, William T. & Ko’Ou, Alfred, 2018, An annotated checklist of the chondrichthyans of Papua New Guinea, Zootaxa 4411 (1), pp. 1-82: 17

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Orectolobus  sp. 1 ( cf. leptolineatus  )

Papuan Wobbegong

Local synonymy: Orectolobus  sp.— Fricke et al., 2014: 13 (Madang). Orectolobus  sp. 1— White et al., 2018: 66, figs (PNG).

PNG voucher material: (1 spec.) NTUM 10302, adult male ~ 800 mm TL, Madang Bay , Madang, Dec. 2012  .

Remarks: First recorded from Madang by Fricke et al. (2014). Morphologically appears most similar to Orectolobus leptolineatus Last, Pogonoski & White 2010  ; molecular data (NADH2 and CO1 sequences) place it closest to this species but with some divergence; more specimens needed to determine whether this is a distinct species.