Alloteratura (Alloteratura) belalongensis Tan et al., 2017,

Tan, Ming Kai & Abdul Wahab, Rodzay bin Haji, 2018, Preliminary study on the diversity of Orthoptera from Kuala Belalong Field Studies Centre, Brunei Darussalam, Borneo, Journal of Orthoptera Research 27 (2), pp. 119-142: 119

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Alloteratura (Alloteratura) belalongensis Tan et al., 2017


3. Alloteratura (Alloteratura) belalongensis Tan et al., 2017 


This is one of the four new species of Meconematini  katydids collected and described from Kuala Belalong. This new species is very similar to A. (A.) karnyi  Kästner, 1932 from northern Sumatra ( Kästner 1932, Gorochov 1998a) and Thailand (see Sänger and Helfert 2000) but could belong to several different subspecies of the same species owing to the similarities in morphology ( Tan et al. 2017d). We need more material around Southeast Asia and study of their population genetics to confirm species limits. Refer to Tan et al. (2017d) for the new species description.