Hypoxys quadridens (Fabricius, 1803),

Nunes, Benedito Mendes, Campos, Lourival Dias, Mendonca, Maria Thayane Da Silva, Cunha, Eduardo Victor De Paiva & Fernandes, Jose Antonio Marin, 2020, Revision of Hypoxys Amyot & Serville, 1843 stat. rest. (Heteroptera Pentatomidae), Zootaxa 4742 (3), pp. 401-441: 407-408

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Hypoxys quadridens (Fabricius, 1803)


Hypoxys quadridens (Fabricius, 1803) 

( Figs. 1View FIGURE 1 A–G; 18 A–B; 21)

-- Stoll, Pun.: 135

Edessa quadridens Fabricius, 1803: 148  ; Dallas, 1851: 329; Stål, 1868: 36; Walker, 1868: 425; Stål, 1872: 55; Lethierry & Severin, 1893: 193 (catalog); Breddin, 1904a: 140; Osborn, 1904: 197; Breddin, 1907: 327; Kirkaldy, 1909: 163 (catalog); Froeschner, 1981: 66.

Edessa brunnipes Fabricius, 1803: 148  ; Walker, 1868: 427; Lethierry & Severin, 1893: 193 (catalog); Kirkaldy, 1909: 163 (catalog)

Pentatoma luteicornis Lepeletier & Serville, 1825: 55  ; Lethierry & Severin, 1893: 193 (catalog); Kirkaldy, 1909: 163 (catalog)

Edessa schaefferi Hahn, 1831: 127  ; Lethierry & Severin, 1893: 193 (catalog); Kirkaldy, 1909: 163 (catalog)

Hypoxys quadridens, Amyot & Serville, 1843: 157 

Edessa jugalis Breddin, 1907: 327  , 329; Kirkaldy, 1909: 368 (catalog) syn. nov.

Lectotype male Edessa quadridens  . America Meridionalis, ZMUC 00 102086 ( ZMUC). Examined. Here designated. 

Lectotype male Edessa jugalis  . Suriname ( SDEI). Designated by Gaedike (1971:89). Examined. Gaedike also indicated paralectotypes in SDEI and Museum of Strasburg , but did not mention quantity or sex of them. We have examined only one female with the same data as lectotype in SDEI. 

Lectotype female Edessa brunnipes  . America Meridionalis, Smidt ( ZMUC). Here designated. 

Material examined. VENEZUELA. Monagas: ♀ La Esperanza, 25–X–1965, Inst. Zool., Agricola—Fac. Agro- nomia Univ. Central, F. Fernande. Y. C. J. Rosales ( IZAV); ♂ La Pica, 3–X–65, Inst. Zool., Agricola–Fac. Agro- nomia Univ. Central, C. J. Rosales, F. Fernandes Y. Edessa quadridens F. Comp.  w. TYPE Fernandes, JAM 2011 ( IZAV); Bolivar: ♀ km 107, El Dorado Santa Elena, 520 m. 18–VIII–57, Inst. Zool, Agricola—Fac. Agronomia Univ. Central. F. Fernandez Y. C.J. Rosales ( IZAV); FRENCH GUIANA. ♂ Otovalo, British Guiana, 1–21–1927, J. Murray ( USNM); SURINAME. ♂ Tibiti 6–I–1949, In. bostussenpaal 2–3, Museum Leiden Suriname exp 1948– 1949, Edessa jugalis Breddin, 1907 Comp.  w. TYPE Fernandes, JAM 1999 ( RMNH); COLOMBIA. Bogotá: ♀ 25–VI–1929, M. H. Nicefero ( USNM); BRAZIL. Amazonas: ♂ Benjamin Constant, 3–1943, A. Parko ( MNRJ); ♀ Colkoen Brasil, Museum Leiden, Edessa (Hypoxys) quadridens F. Cat.  Nº1, Edessa jugalis Breddin, 1907 Comp.  w. TYPE Fernandes, JAM 1999 ( RMNH).

Measurements. total length: 16.2–19.0; head length: 2.1–2.4; head width: 3.2–3.7; pronotal width: 10.0–11.6; abdominal width: 9.0–10.2; length of antennal segments. I: 0.8–1.0; II: 1.6–2.2; III: 1.1–1.7; IV: 4.1–5.6; V: 5.0–6.2; interocular distance: 1.4–1.7; scutellum length: 7.3–9.3; scutellum width: 5.7–6.8; pronotal length: 3.3–3.9.

Diagnosis. Anterolateral margin of pronotum with solid black stripe reaching all or part of its extension with remaining part smoky black and narrow. Cicatrices of pronotum with concolorous punctures delimiting anterior sulci ( Fig. 18AView FIGURE 18). Anterolateral margin not punctured. Male ( Fig. 1View FIGURE 1 A–C). Pygophore with dorsal rim sinuous and shallowly excavated ( Fig. 1AView FIGURE 1). Superior process of genital cup elongate, elliptic with a ventral notch and adjacent to dorsal rim ( Fig. 1BView FIGURE 1). Paramere elongate, spatulate, broad distally, anteriorly curved touching superior process of genital cup ( Fig. 1BView FIGURE 1). Proctiger with dorsolateral tufts of setae separated by tumid ridge; posterior face subrectangular and slightly tumid ( Fig. 1BView FIGURE 1). Ventral rim with expansion acuminate, flat, surpassing level of posterolateral angle in ventral view ( Fig. 1CView FIGURE 1); base of each expansion with a small transverse carina. Female ( Fig. 1DView FIGURE 1). Gonocoxites 8 posterior margin slightly sinuous, inner angle projecting over gonocoxites 9, sutural border slightly divergent distally. Gonapophyses 8 barely exposed.

Comments. The type series of E. quadridens  is formed by four specimens (all in Copenhagen, but part belonging to Kiel collection), three males and one female. Male without head presented in this paper ( Fig. 1FView FIGURE 1) was photographed by Pieter van Doesburg as the lectotype of the species several years ago and we are confirming his selection. Breddin (1907) made it clear that he had not seen the type of E. quadridens  , and postulated that the best candidate to be E. quadridens  was E. jugalis  . We confirm Breddin’s supposition considering E. jugalis  junior synonym of H. quadriden  s. The male of Hypoxys quadridens  shares with H. offuscatus  the paramere spatulate ( Fig. 7BView FIGURE 7), but both species can be separated by the dorsal tumid ridge narrow of proctiger ( Fig. 1BView FIGURE 1), and expansion of ventral rim of pygophore acuminated ( Fig. 1CView FIGURE 1) in H. quadriden  s (dorsal ridge not tumid and wide, and expansion of ventral rim rounded and tumid in H. offuscatus  ). The female of H. quadriden  s can be confused with H. trabeculus  (see H. trabeculus  comments for differences between these two species). A few female specimens of H. oxyacanthus  with solid black stripe on posterior part of pronotum can be confused with H. quadriden  s, but punctuation of pronotum is different ( Fig. 18AView FIGURE 18 and 19KView FIGURE 19) and gonocoxites 8 of H. quadriden  s are more convex than in H. oxyacanthus  .

Distribution ( Fig. 21View FIGURE 21). VENEZUELA: Monagas, Bolivar; FRENCH GUIANA; SURINAME; COLOMBIA: Bogotá; BRAZIL: Amazonas.


Zoological Museum, University of Copenhagen


Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of Natural History


National Museum of Natural History, Naturalis


Museu Nacional/Universidade Federal de Rio de Janeiro










Hemiptera (awaiting allocation)




Hypoxys quadridens (Fabricius, 1803)

Nunes, Benedito Mendes, Campos, Lourival Dias, Mendonca, Maria Thayane Da Silva, Cunha, Eduardo Victor De Paiva & Fernandes, Jose Antonio Marin 2020

Edessa brunnipes

Kirkaldy, G. W. 1909: 163

Pentatoma luteicornis

Kirkaldy, G. W. 1909: 163

Edessa schaefferi

Kirkaldy, G. W. 1909: 163

Edessa jugalis

Kirkaldy, G. W. 1909: 368
Breddin, G. 1907: 327

Edessa quadridens

Kirkaldy, G. W. 1909: 163
Breddin, G. 1907: 327
Breddin, G. 1904: 140
Stal, C. 1872: 55
Dallas, W. S. 1851: 329

Hypoxys quadridens