Hypoxys claricolor ( Breddin, 1907 ),

Nunes, Benedito Mendes, Campos, Lourival Dias, Mendonca, Maria Thayane Da Silva, Cunha, Eduardo Victor De Paiva & Fernandes, Jose Antonio Marin, 2020, Revision of Hypoxys Amyot & Serville, 1843 stat. rest. (Heteroptera Pentatomidae), Zootaxa 4742 (3), pp. 401-441: 410

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Hypoxys claricolor ( Breddin, 1907 )

comb. nov.

Hypoxys claricolor ( Breddin, 1907)  comb. nov.

( Figs. 3View FIGURE 3 A–G; 18 E–F; 21)

Edessa claricolor Breddin, 1907: 334  ; Kirkaldy, 1909: 368 (catalog)

Lectotype female. Amazonas, Óbidos [ Brazil], H. Rolle, Berlin S.W. 11/ coll Breddin/ Edessa claricolor Breddin  Type! / Dtsch. Entomol. Institut Berlin/ Typus [red] DEI Hemimetabola # 100176 ( SDEI). Designated by Gaedike (1971:83, by use of “ Holotypus ”). Examined. 

Material examined. BRAZIL. Amazonas: ♀ Res. Adolpho Ducke, Grade PPBio, LO- 3–30–IV– 2006, 500 m, active search 60 min, Rede entomológica, Col. C. E. Braga ( MPEG)  ; 2♂ Manaus, 21–XI–55, Elias e Roppa col. D. Z. 9/959 ( MNRJ)  ; same data  : ♀ 8–X–57 ( MNRJ)  ; ♀ 18–X–55 ( MNRJ)  ; ♂ ♀ Estr. Am. 1. Km. 15, Manaus, 31–VII–970, A. Faustino ( INPA)  ; Pará: ♂ 2♀ Canta Galo, Óbidos , Set–1959, Coll. Dirings ( MCNZ)  ; ♀ Santarém , 6–IV–56, Elias & Roppa col., D. Z. 9/959 ( MNRJ)  ; ♀ Santarém, Ace. Nº2966 ( CMNH)  .

Measurements. total length: 15.9–18.9; head length: 2.0–2.4; head width: 3.3–3.8; pronotal width: 10.0–11.9; abdominal width: 8.8–10.6; length of antennal segments. I: 0.9–1.1; II: 1.9–2.3; III: 1.2–1.6; IV: 4.4–5.3; V: 4.4–5.3; interocular distance: 1.4–1.7; scutellum length: 7.3–8.9; scutellum width: 5.6–6.7; pronotal length: 3.3–3.8.

Diagnosis. Anterolateral margin of pronotum with complete solid black stripe. Cicatrices with dark brown punctures delimiting anterior sulci ( Fig. 18EView FIGURE 18). Anterolateral margin with some black punctures. Male ( Fig. 3View FIGURE 3 A–C). Pygophore with dorsal rim shallowly excavated ( Fig. 3AView FIGURE 3). Superior process of genital cup elongate, narrow, with a median ventral triangular lobe; adjacent to dorsal rim ( Fig. 3BView FIGURE 3). Paramere club-like, elongate, laterally directed, bent part slightly clavate ( Fig. 3A,BView FIGURE 3); inner margin with tiny carina ending before bent part. Proctiger with large lateral tuft of setae, dorsal ridge slightly tumid and sparsely setose between tufts of setae ( Fig. 3BView FIGURE 3); posterior face longer than wide with lateral, large tumescence on each side. Ventral rim with expansions flat, rounded, large, inner angle squared, surpassing level of posterolateral angles in ventral view ( Fig. 3A,CView FIGURE 3); base of each expansion with a conspicuous transverse carina. Female ( Fig. 3DView FIGURE 3). Gonocoxites 8 trapezoidal and somewhat flat, posterior margin straight or slightly concave, sutural border excavated, gonapophyses 9 partially exposed. Laterotergites 8 slightly curved laterally.

Comments. Breddin (1907) mentioned the similarity in size, form and color with E. quadridens  . But, comparing the genitalia of both sexes, the species are easily separated. Males of H. claricolor  ( Fig. 3BView FIGURE 3) have expansions of the ventral rim larger than in H. quadriden  s ( Fig. 1BView FIGURE 1), posterior face of proctiger longer than wide (wider than long in H. quadriden  s), parameres and superior process of the genital cup narrower than in H. quadriden  s. Females of H. claricolor  ( Fig. 3DView FIGURE 3) show gonocoxites 8 more flat and square than in H. quadriden  s ( Fig. 1DView FIGURE 1). Male of H. claricolor  is described here for the first time.

Distribution ( Fig. 21View FIGURE 21). BRAZIL: Amazonas, Pará.


Museu Paraense Emilio Goeldi


Museu Nacional/Universidade Federal de Rio de Janeiro


Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazonia


Porto Alegre, Museu de Ciencias Naturais da Fundacao Zoo-Botanica do Rio Grande do Sul


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Hypoxys claricolor ( Breddin, 1907 )

Nunes, Benedito Mendes, Campos, Lourival Dias, Mendonca, Maria Thayane Da Silva, Cunha, Eduardo Victor De Paiva & Fernandes, Jose Antonio Marin 2020

Edessa claricolor

Kirkaldy, G. W. 1909: 368
Breddin, G. 1907: 334