Hypoxys necopinatus ( Breddin, 1907 ),

Nunes, Benedito Mendes, Campos, Lourival Dias, Mendonca, Maria Thayane Da Silva, Cunha, Eduardo Victor De Paiva & Fernandes, Jose Antonio Marin, 2020, Revision of Hypoxys Amyot & Serville, 1843 stat. rest. (Heteroptera Pentatomidae), Zootaxa 4742 (3), pp. 401-441: 415-416

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Hypoxys necopinatus ( Breddin, 1907 )

comb. nov.

Hypoxys necopinatus ( Breddin, 1907)  comb. nov.

( Figs. 6View FIGURE 6 A–E; 18 K–L; 21)

Edessa necopinata Breddin, 1907: 337  ; Kirkaldy, 1909: 368 (catalog); Froeschner, 1981: 66.

Lectotype male. Ecuador, Napo, leg. Haensch ( SDEI). Designated by Gaedike (1971:92). Examined. Material examined. ECUADOR. Sucumbios: ♀ ♂ Limoncocha, 0º26’S x 76º38’W 900’, 23–31–March–1974, Col. Dodge Engleman, Edessa necopinata Breddin, 1907 Comp.  w. TYPE Fernandes, JAM 1999 ( DOE); Orellana: ♂ Rio Yasuni, Site nº 2, 15–22–september–1977, Joseph J. Anderson ( USNM); ♂ 2♀ Yasuní National Park: Yasuní Research Station, 76º36’W 00º38’S, 3–20–XI–1998, T. Pape & B. Viklund ( NHRM); ♂ ♀ 30–11.3–12.2004, Loreto, S0º42’, W77º19’, 200–600 m, Petr Baňař Igt. Coll. Petr Bañar ( NMPC); Pastaza: ♀ Shell, Unidad Militar Amazonas, 19–XII–2001, Descanso Iwia, Coll. R. Diaz, Tamu–Ento X0686199 (INBio).

Measurements. total length: 16.6–18.1; head length: 2.1–2.3; head width: 3.3–3.4; pronotal width: 10.0–10.6; abdominal width: 9.0–9.9; length of antennal segments. I: 0.8–1.1; II: 1.9–2.2; III: 1.3–1.7; IV: 4.8–5.3; V: 5.6–5.8; interocular distance: 1.4–1.6 scutellum length: 8.1–8.7; scutellum width: 5.7–6.1; pronotal length: 3.4–3.8.

Diagnosis. Anterolateral margin of pronotum with complete solid black stripe. Cicatrices with dark brown punctures delimiting anterior sulci ( Fig. 18KView FIGURE 18). Anterolateral margin not punctured. Male ( Fig. 6View FIGURE 6 A–C). Pygophore with dorsal rim shallowly excavated ( Fig. 6AView FIGURE 6). Superior process of genital cup elliptic, well-developed, adjacent to dorsal rim ( Fig. 6BView FIGURE 6). Paramere flat and rounded with single, black, digitiform, laterally slanting, distal projection ( Fig. 6A,BView FIGURE 6); medially with longitudinal carina reaching distal projection. Proctiger with laterodorsal tufts of setae separated by tumid narrow ridge; posterior face rounded, medially convex, with lateral tumescence ( Fig. 6B,CView FIGURE 6). Ventral rim central excavation in “V” shape; expansion well-developed, flat, apically rounded, ventrally curved and surpassing level of posterolateral angles in ventral view ( Fig. 6B,CView FIGURE 6). Female ( Fig. 6DView FIGURE 6). Gonocoxites 8 with posterior margin sinuous; inner angle acuminate and projected over gonocoxites 9 almost touching each other; sutural border with elliptic, median excavation. Gonapophyses 8 exposed.

Comments. Breddin (1907) considered Edessa necopinata  similar to E. quadridens  because of the form of the head and pronotum, and color of the body. Comparing the genitalia of both species, there are clear differences in posterior margin and sutural border of gonocoxites 8 ( Fig. 6DView FIGURE 6 and 1DView FIGURE 1), shape of the paramere ( Fig. 6BView FIGURE 6 and 1BView FIGURE 1) and expansion of ventral rim ( Fig. 6CView FIGURE 6 and 1CView FIGURE 1). The female is described here for the first time. Females of H. necopinatus  , H. boerneri  and H. offuscatus  are very similar due to elliptic excavation of sutural border. In H. necopinatus  ( Fig. 6DView FIGURE 6) inner angle of gonocoxites 8 is slender and more developed than in H. offuscatus  ( Fig. 7DView FIGURE 7) and H. boerneri  ( Fig. 2DView FIGURE 2).

Distribution ( Fig. 21View FIGURE 21). ECUADOR: Sucumbios, Orellana, Pastaza.


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Hypoxys necopinatus ( Breddin, 1907 )

Nunes, Benedito Mendes, Campos, Lourival Dias, Mendonca, Maria Thayane Da Silva, Cunha, Eduardo Victor De Paiva & Fernandes, Jose Antonio Marin 2020

Edessa necopinata

Kirkaldy, G. W. 1909: 368
Breddin, G. 1907: 337