Lecithaster confusus Odhner, 1905,

Margarita Ostrowski de Núñez, Nathalia J. Arredondo & Alicia A. Gil de Pertierra, 2017, Adult Trematodes (Platyhelminthes) of freshwater fishes from Argentina: a checklist, Revue suisse de Zoologie 124 (1), pp. 91-113: 104

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http://doi.org/ 10.5281/zenodo.1040686

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Lecithaster confusus Odhner, 1905


Lecithaster confusus Odhner, 1905 

Material deposited: NRM (type material), MLP.

Host: Alosa agone (Scopoli)  [= A. finta (Cuvier)  ] and Clupea harengus Linnaeus  ( Clupeiformes  : Clupeidae  ) (type host not assigned); Jenynsia multidentata  .

Locality: Mediterranean and North Sea (type locality not assigned, Europe); Salado River relief canal, Samborombón Bay, Buenos Aires Province.

Site of infection: Intestine.

Reference: Montes (2013).

Remarks: Montes (2013) recorded the presence of this Mediterranean and North Sea species in South America. These specimens have to be carefully reviewed, they probably could belong to Lecithaster intermedius Szidat, 1954  (see below).