Cyathea subincisa (Kunze) Domin 1929

Almeida, Thais Elias & Salino, Alexandre, 2015, Thirteen new records of ferns from Brazil, Biodiversity Data Journal 3, pp. 4421-4421 : 4421

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Cyathea subincisa (Kunze) Domin 1929


Cyathea subincisa (Kunze) Domin 1929   LSID


Cyathea subincisa (Kunze) Domin, Pteridophyta 264. 1929. Hemitelia subincisa Kunze, Bot. Zeit. 2: 296. 1844. Type: Peru, Poeppig 221 (PR or PRC). Fig. 6.


Type status: Other material. Occurrence: catalogNumber: BHCB 150008 ; recordNumber: A. Salino 15008; recordedBy: A. Salino & T.E. Almeida; Taxon: taxonID:; scientificName: Cyatheasubincisa (Kunze) Domin; kingdom: Plantae; class: Polypodiopsida; order: Cyatheales; family: Cyatheaceae; genus: Cyathea; specificEpithet: subincisa; scientificNameAuthorship: (Kunze) Domin; Location: continent: South America; country: Brazil; countryCode: BR; stateProvince: Acre; municipality: Mâncio Lima; locality: Parque Nacional Serra do Divisor, Rio Moa , ; verbatimElevation: 220 m; minimumElevationInMeters: 220; verbatimCoordinates: 07°26'51"S, 73°40'01"W; verbatimLatitude: 07°26'51"S; verbatimLongitude: 73°40'01"W; decimalLatitude: -7.4475; decimalLongitude: -73.666944; geodeticDatum: WGS84; Identification: identifiedBy: A. Salino; dateIdentified: 2011-10; Event: eventDate: 2010-12-13; year: 2010; month: 12; day: 13; Record Level: type: specimen; language: Portuguese; collectionCode: BHCB GoogleMaps


Previously known distribution: Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru ( Lehnert 2011). Fig. 7.


Occurs as rupestrial in rocky cliffs at river margins.

Taxon discussion

This species is characterized by the conform or subconform apical pinnae, sori medial to supramedial and petioles smooth ( Stolze 1974). The closest species is Cyathea consimilis (Stolze) Lehnert ( Stolze 1974) from which C. subincisa can be distinguished by the smooth or rarely tuberculate petiole (spine or muricate in C. consimilis ).