Thalassoma pavo (Linnaeus 1758),

Bariche, Michel & Fricke, Ronald, 2020, The marine ichthyofauna of Lebanon: an annotated checklist, history, biogeography, and conservation status, Zootaxa 4775 (1), pp. 1-157: 76

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Thalassoma pavo (Linnaeus 1758)


Thalassoma pavo (Linnaeus 1758)  —Ornate wrasse

Taxonomy. First record from Lebanon as Julis pavo, Hasselq.  by Gruvel (1931: 90); subsequently recorded as Thalassoma pavo (Linnaeus 1758)  by George et al. (1964: 20); as Thalassoma pavo (Linnaeus)  by Mouneimné (1977: 64); as Thalassoma pavo (Linnaeus 1758)  by Mouneimné (2002: 196); recently recorded as Thalassoma pavo  by Harmelin-Vivien et al. (2005: 628); as Thalassoma pavo  by Bariche et al. (2009: 3); as Thalassoma pavo  by Fanelli et al. (2015: 2170). Material in collection: AUBM and USNM.

Distribution. Mediterranean Sea, Sea of Marmara, eastern Atlantic: Portugal south to Gabon, including Azores, Madeira and Canary Islands.

Conservation. IUCN: Global ( LC: 12 July 2008); Med. ( LC: 13 November 2007). Capture and threats: HAB, Unknown. Occurrence: Common. Medium priority for conservation action  .