Centrophorus granulosus (Bloch & Schneider 1801)

Bariche, Michel & Fricke, Ronald, 2020, The marine ichthyofauna of Lebanon: an annotated checklist, history, biogeography, and conservation status, Zootaxa 4775 (1), pp. 1-157: 17

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Centrophorus granulosus (Bloch & Schneider 1801)


Centrophorus granulosus (Bloch & Schneider 1801)   —Gulper shark

Taxonomy. First record from Lebanon as Centrophorus granulosus, Müller et Henle   by Gruvel (1931: 75); recently recorded as Centrophorus granulosus   by Colloca & Lelli (2012: 13); as Centrophorus granulosus   by Lteif (2015: 61), and as Centrophorus uyato (Rafinesque 1810)   by Lteif et al. (2017). Recent unpublished records from Tripoli (26 September 2005) and Sarafand (13 September 2017). It is unclear which species of gulper shark ( C. granulosus   , C. uyato   ) is present in Lebanese waters and whether one or both exist.

Distribution. Circumglobal in tropical and temperate seas (including Caribbean Sea, Mediterranean Sea), except not eastern Pacific.

Conservation. IUCN: Global (DD: 31 January 2006); Med. (CR: A4b, 25 March 2016). Capture and threats: FIT, FIB. Occurrence: Common. Significant decline in the last two decades. Medium priority for conservation action.