Macracantha hasselti (C. L. Koch, 1837) Macharoenboon & Siriwut & Jeratthitikul, 2021

Macharoenboon, Kongkit, Siriwut, Warut & Jeratthitikul, Ekgachai, 2021, A review of the taxonomy of spiny-backed orb-weaving spiders of the subfamily Gasteracanthinae (Araneae, Araneidae) in Thailand, ZooKeys 1032, pp. 17-62 : 17

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Macracantha hasselti (C. L. Koch, 1837)

comb. nov.

Macracantha hasselti (C. L. Koch, 1837) comb. nov. Figures 9C-D View Figure 9 , 12D-I View Figure 12

Gasteracantha hasseltii C. L. Koch, 1837: 29, fig. 267. Type locality: Indonesia, Java.

Gasteracantha hasseltii Full list of synonyms and usage of the name available in World Spider Catalog (2020).


Thailand • 3 ♀; Nakhon Ratchasima Province, Wang Nam Khiao District ; 14°32.57'N, 101°58.22'E; MUMNH-ARA-GAS013 GoogleMaps 2 ♀; Ratchaburi Province, Suan Phueng District , 13°34.88'N, 99°10.79'E; MUMNH-ARA-GAS014 GoogleMaps 2 ♀; Nan Province, Tha Wang Pha District ; 19°08.45'N, 100°45.38'E; MUMNH-ARA-GAS15 GoogleMaps 5 ♀; Ubon Ratchathani Province, Na Chaluai District, Wat Phupansoong ; 14°30.30'N, 105°16.33'E; MUMNH-ARA-GAS016 GoogleMaps 1 ♀; Nakhon Ratchasima Province, Pak Chong District ; 14°31.58'N, 101°22.13'E; MUMNH-ARA-GAS017 GoogleMaps 2 ♀; Saraburi Province, Kaeng Khoi District, Tha Maprang ; 14°29.85'N, 101°08.25'E; MUMNH-ARA-GAS018 GoogleMaps 4 ♀; Phrae Province, Rong Kwang District, Huai Rong Waterfall ; 18°26.51'N, 100°27.01'E; MUMNH-ARA-GAS019 GoogleMaps 5 ♀; Ubon Ratchathani Province, Det Udom District, Non Sombun ; 14°47.44'N, 105°06.16'E; MUMNH-ARA-GAS020 GoogleMaps 2 ♀; Nakhon Ratchasima Province, Pak Chong District, Phaya Yen ; 14°36.97'N, 101°15.90'E; MUMNH-ARA-GAS024 GoogleMaps 2 ♀; Phetchaburi Province, Kaeng Krachan District ; 12°53.41'N, 99°39.32'E; MUMNH-ARA-GAS025 GoogleMaps 1 ♀; Phetchaburi Province, Kaeng Krachan District ; 12°54.68'N, 99°38.45'E; MUMNH-ARA-GAS037 GoogleMaps 2 ♀; Chiang Mai Province, Mae Taeng District ; 19°08.51'N, 98°54.94'E; MUMNH-ARA-GAS038 GoogleMaps 4 ♀; Mae Hong Son Province, Mueang District, Pang Mu ; 19°18.12'N, 097°57.73'E; MUMNH-ARA-GAS049 GoogleMaps 5 ♀; Mae Hong Son Province, Mae La Noi District, Mae La Luang ; 18°32.31'N, 97°53.83'E; MUMNH-ARA-GAS050 GoogleMaps 3 ♀; Prachuap Khiri Khan Province, Bang Saphan District, Wat Tham Khao Wong ; 11°17.47'N, 99°29.72'E; MUMNH-ARA-GAS062 GoogleMaps 5 ♀; Chumphon Province, Tha Sae District, Pisadarn Cave ; 10°45.60'N, 99°13.77'E; MUMNH-ARA-GAS065 GoogleMaps 5 ♀; Sa Kaeo Province, Khlong Hat District, Saeng Tian Cave ; 13°18.93'N, 102°19.91'E; MUMNH-ARA-GAS070 GoogleMaps 5 ♀; Sa Kaeo Province, Khao Chakan District, Wat Tham Khao Chan ; 13°34.73'N, 102°05.56'E; MUMNH-ARA-GAS073 GoogleMaps 5 ♀; Kanchanaburi Province, Si Sawat District, Ong-ju Canal ; 14°48.45'N, 99°05.53'E; MUMNH-ARA-GAS083 GoogleMaps 4 ♀; Phetchabun Province, Lom Sak District ; 16°43.74'N, 101°20.22'E; MUMNH-ARA-GAS088 GoogleMaps 3 ♀; Chaiyaphum Province, Phakdi Chumphon District, Wua Daeng Cave ; 16°04.55'N, 101°26.46'E; MUMNH-ARA-GAS097 GoogleMaps 3 ♀; Chiang Mai Province, Mae Rim District, Mae Raem ; 18°55.10'N, 98°54.51'E; MUMNH-ARA-GAS100 GoogleMaps 3 ♀; Kanchanaburi Province, Thong Pha Phum District, Huai Kayeng ; 14°37.85'N, 98°34.32'E; MUMNH-ARA-GAS109 GoogleMaps 1 ♀; Kanchanaburi Province, Sai Yok District, Tha Sao ; 14°21.14'N, 98°57.28'E; MUMNH-ARA-GAS113 GoogleMaps 1 ♀; Kanchanaburi Province, Si Sawat District, Khao Chot ; 14°48.26'N, 99°10.93'E; MUMNH-ARA-GAS121 GoogleMaps 3 ♀; Kanchanaburi Province, Si Sawat District, Tha Kradan ; 14°22.41'N, 99°09.02'E; MUMNH-ARA-GAS125 GoogleMaps .


Sternum black with yellow patches near anterior edge, coxae II and III, and the apex. Abdomen octagonal. Anterior edge of abdomen curved between anterior spines. Dorsal side of abdomen yellow with black and white patches near anterior margin. Anterior and posterior spines small, and sharp at the tips. Median spines longest, tapering toward the tip. Ventral side of abdomen black with scattered yellow stripes. Spinnerets placed on strongly elevated black sclerotized structure. Ten anterior edge sigilla subequal in size. Four median sigilla arranged in a trapezoid. Ten posterior edge sigilla arranged in a straight line, with the first pair and the second and third sigilla from the middle close together. Outer posterior edge with nine sigilla in total: five sigilla placed near posterior spines, two sigilla on each side. Epigynum subtriangular with sock-shaped structures, opposite to each other (Fig. 12D, G View Figure 12 ). Scape very long, tongue-shaped, pointed posteriorly (Fig. 12E, H View Figure 12 ). Spermathecae balloon-shaped (Fig. 12D, G View Figure 12 ). Copulatory ducts bulging distally, encapsulated by sclerotized structure (Fig. 12D, G View Figure 12 ). Fertilization ducts emerging posteriorly from spermathecae (Fig. 12D, G View Figure 12 ).


The patch near abdominal anterior margin is narrow or absent in some specimens. Two morphs are found in this study: a sharp spines morph (Figs 9C View Figure 9 ; 12D-F View Figure 12 ) with its morphology as in the diagnosis, and a long spines morph (figs 9D; 12G-I), which is characterized by the six abdominal spines being longer than in the sharp spines morph. The median spines are longest, straight without tapering, and with spikes at the bases. The epigynum of the two morphs are similar in shape.


Macracantha hasselti was once classified in genus Gasteracantha ( World Spider Catalog 2020). However, the phylogenetic tree in this study recovered a sister relationship between M. arcuata and M. hasselti , which is supported by their synapomorphic characters (see discussion) in both external and internal morphologies. Based on this evidence, we propose to reclassify these two species in the same genus.

The long spines morph resembles Gasteracantha dalyi Pocock, 1900, especially as their female genital structures are identical ( Tikader 1982). They are differentiated from each other by the morphology of abdominal spines. Anterior and posterior spines of M. hasselti are longer and the median spines are shorter than in G. dalyi ( Tikader 1982).

Distribution and habitat.

India, China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia (Java, and Sumatra) ( Yin et al. 2012; Sen et al. 2015; World Spider Catalog 2020). Macracantha hasselti builds a vertical web under the shade of large trees or thick shrubs.














Macracantha hasselti (C. L. Koch, 1837)

Macharoenboon, Kongkit, Siriwut, Warut & Jeratthitikul, Ekgachai 2021

Gasteracantha hasseltii

Macharoenboon & Siriwut & Jeratthitikul 2021

Gasteracantha hasseltii

Macharoenboon & Siriwut & Jeratthitikul 2021