Signiphora perpauca Girault

Schmidt, Stefan, Hamid, Hasmiandy, Ubaidillah, Rosichon, Ward, Samantha & Polaszek, Andrew, 2019, A review of the Indonesian species of the family Signiphoridae (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea), with description of three new species, ZooKeys 897, pp. 29-47 : 29

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Signiphora perpauca Girault


Signiphora perpauca Girault Fig. 7 A–F View Figure 7

Signiphora perpauca Girault, 1915: 71. Female.

Signiphora woolleyi Hayat: Woolley and Dal Molin (2017).

Material examined.

Indonesia • 1 ♀ (on slide); West Java, Mount Halimun-Salak National Park, Sukamantri; 6.682S, 106.751E; 1007 m a.s.l.; 30-Sep-2015; MZB INDOBIOSYS-CCDB25943-H05.

Description (female).

Colour. Body yellow ( Fig. 7A View Figure 7 ), head yellow except occiput with curved brown band along occipital carina ( Fig. 7B View Figure 7 ). Antenna with scape yellow and flagellum brown, apical half of clava distinctly darker ( Fig. 7D View Figure 7 ). Fore wing with dark band behind marginal vein that is proximally and distally diffusely delimited ( Fig. 7E View Figure 7 ), discal seta present. Mt8 in female transverse, without a medial incision.

Morphology. Head 1.76 times as broad as frontovertex width ( Fig. 7B View Figure 7 ), frontovertex width 0.77 times length of clava, distance from mouth margin to facial ridge 0.57 times head height. Antenna with 3 anelli ( Fig. 4D View Figure 4 ), F1 0.4 times as long as broad, F2 0.8 times as long as broad, F3 subquadrate, clava about 6 times as long as broad and 1.7 times as long as scape length ( Fig. 7D View Figure 7 ), pedicel 0.77 times as long as scape length. Midlobe of mesoscutum with 2 setae on disc and anteriorly with 6 setae, scutellum with 6 setae along posterior margin. Fore wing 2.9 times as long as broad ( Fig. 4E View Figure 4 ), longest setae of marginal fringe 1.4 times as long as width of disc, seta M1 present, M2b absent. Midtibial spur subequal in length to corresponding basitarsus ( Fig. 4C View Figure 4 ), the latter 0.56 times as long as midtibia. Ovipositor 2.1 times as long as midtibia and 1.4 times as long as hind tibia.


Diaspididae ( Hemiptera , Sternorrhyncha).


Widely distributed in the tropics and, apart from Indonesia, recorded from the following countries (after Woolley and Dal Molin 2017): Argentina, Cuba, Brazil, Chile, Egypt, French Polynesia, Haiti, India, Mexico, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Trinidad and Tobago, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand, USA.

DNA barcode data.

The sequence of the single examined specimen is separated by 9.7% from the nearest neighbour species, S. flavella (Suppl. material 1, Genbank Accession Number: MH407234).


The species belongs to the Signiphora flavopalliata species group and can be separated from other species in the group, among other characters, by its light colour (female) and the presence of a discal seta in the fore wing (fig. 306 in Woolley and Dal Molin 2017).