Philometra otolithi Moravec & Manoharan, 2013

Dewi, Kartika & Palm, Harry W., 2017, Philometrid nematodes (Philometridae) of marine teleosts from Balinese waters, Indonesia, including the description of Philometra damriyasai sp. nov., Zootaxa 4341 (4), pp. 577-584: 581

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Philometra otolithi Moravec & Manoharan, 2013


Philometra otolithi Moravec & Manoharan, 2013  

Host: Otholites ruber (Bloch & Schneider, 1801)   ( Perciformes   : Sciaenidae   ).

Site of infection: Gonads.

Locality: South Bali Sea, Indonesia.  

Date of collection: 26 July 2013.

Prevalence: 4 infected/8 examined, mean intensity 1.5 nematode per fish, range 1–3.

Specimens deposited: Museum Zoologicum Bogoriense, Indonesia (MZBNa 726-729).

Remarks. Several specimens of P. otolithi   were reported from the gonads of 4 individual Otolithes ruber   . This species was originally described from the gonads of O. ruber   (type host) in the Bay of Bengal off the eastern coast of India, based on female worms ( Moravec & Manoharan 2013). Furthermore, Moravec et al. (2014) described male specimens of P. otolithi   also from same host species in the Sea of Oman, off Iran. This species can be easily recognized by having a large anterior oesophageal bulbous inflation with a conspicuosly large buccal cavity ( Moravec & Manoharan 2013). This character was also seen in our specimens, together with the same host and site compared with the original description. This species is the third identified philometrid nematode obtained from a fish gonad in Indonesian waters.