Rhabdoblatta marginata Bey-Bienko, 1969

Yang, Rong, Wang, Zhenzhen, Zhou, Yanshuang, Wang, Zongqing & Che, Yanli, 2019, Establishment of six new Rhabdoblatta species (Blattodea, Blaberidae, Epilamprinae) from China, ZooKeys 851, pp. 27-69: 46

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Rhabdoblatta marginata Bey-Bienko, 1969


Rhabdoblatta marginata Bey-Bienko, 1969   Figures 9 I–N, 12K

Rhabdoblatta marginata   Bey-Bienko, 1969: 843; Bey-Bienko 1970: 363; Princis 1971: 1158; Anisyutkin 2003: 547.

Measurements (mm).

Female, overall length: 32.5-34.0.


Female larger than male and color slightly darker (Figure 9 I–L).

Female genitalia.

Moderately sclerotized. Ovipositor back to brood sac. Tergal process of the eighth abdominal tergite obviously vestigial, length ca. 1/2 of tergal process of the ninth abdominal tergite. Tergal process of the ninth abdominal tergite robust, linked with the ninth tergum. First valves of ovipositor with apex membranous, inner margin with fine bristles. Second valves of ovipositor tube-shaped, completely covered by the first valves of ovipositor. Third valves of ovipositor slightly wider, length shorter than the first valves of ovipositor. Gonangulum boat-shaped. Sclerotized lobes of the second and third pairs of valves nearly triangle. Anterior arch of second valvifer slender. Basivalvula with semicircular arms, the mid sclerite incompletely separated. Vestibular sclerite slender, the mid sclerite membranous. Transverse sclerotized plate nearly circular. Brood sac membranous and without sclerotized section (Figure 12K).


Body dark brown. Pronotum black, lateral area with a yellow stripe and black spots on the surface. Abdominal terga dark brown, with short and bar-shaped convexity. Abdominal sterna dark brown and with scattered black spots on the surface (Figure 9M, N).

Material examined.

8 males and 8 females, Hainan Prov., Wuzhishan Nature Reserve, 18-21-V-2014, Shun-hua Gui, Xin-ran Li & Jian-yue Qiu leg.; 1 female and 1 nymph, Hainan Prov., Wuzhishan Mountain, 920 m, 21-XI-2013, Yan Shi leg.; 3 nymphs, Hainan Prov., Baoting County, Maogan Township, 549-776 m, 11-12-IV-2015, Lu Qiu & Qi-kun Bai leg.; 1 male and 1 female, Hainan Prov., Limushan Mountain, 15-IV-2015, Zhi-wei Qiu & Xin-ran Li leg.; 1 male, Hainan Prov., Changjiang County, Bawangling, Yajia, 29-VI-2015, Lu Qiu & Qi-kun Bai leg.; 10 males and 10 females, Guangdong Prov., Conghua District, Liuxihe National Forest Park, Wuzhishan Scenic, 7-8-VII-2015, Zhi-wei Qiu & Yong-quan Zhao leg.; 4 males and 5 females, Guangxi Prov., Shangsi County, Shiwandashan Forest Park, 28-VI-2015, Lu Qiu & Qi-kun Bai leg.; 1 male, Guangxi Prov., Jinxiu County, Shengtangshan Mountain, 4-5-VI-2014, Shun-hua Gui & Xin-ran Li leg.


China (Hainan, Guangdong, Guangxi).