Heliconius charithonia, Linnaeus, 1767

Brower, Andrew V. Z., 2018, Alternative facts: a reconsideration of putatively natural interspecific hybrid specimens in the genus Heliconius (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae), Zootaxa 4499 (1), pp. 1-87: 74-75

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Heliconius charithonia


Putative H. charithonia   x H. peruvianus   hybrid

Hybrid #159 (not illustrated in Mallet et al. (2007). Ecuador: Pichincha, Río Toachi, 1700m. 1996 leg. C. Jiggins (Jiggins collection). This butterfly, documented by Jiggins & Davies (1998), has an H. charithonia   phenotype (cf. Fig. 169 View FIGURE 169 ), but a distribution of allozyme alleles that suggested to them an F1 hybrid between H. charithonia   and H. peruvianus   ( Fig. 171 View FIGURE 171 ). Mallet et al. (2007) interpreted it as backcross to H. charithonia   , likely due to its homozygous condition of malic enzyme for an allele that is nearly absent from H. peruvianus   . There are no fixed differences among the alleles examined by Jiggins & Davies (1998) between these two species, so it is possible that it is H. charithonia   . (Also note that prior to Jiggins and Davies' study, H. peruvianus   was viewed as a race of H. charithonia   ).

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