Coeliccia yamasakii Asahina, 1984

Phan, Quoc Toan, Ngo, Quoc Phu & Bui, Anh Phong, 2020, Description of Coeliccia lephuocdieui sp. nov. from the Central Highlands of Vietnam (Odonata: Zygoptera: Platycnemididae) with notes on its congeners, Zootaxa 4786 (1), pp. 69-80 : 76

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.4786.1.5

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Coeliccia yamasakii Asahina, 1984


Coeliccia yamasakii Asahina, 1984 View in CoL

( Figures 3 View FIGURE 3 e–f, 4c–d, 6e–f, 7)

Examined specimens. 2 ♂♂, 2 ♀♀, K7, Phu Quoc NP, Kien Giang Prov., 05 iii 2018, To Van Quang leg.

Notes. Coeliccia yamasakii was originally described from Chonburi Province of Thailand based on male specimens ( Asahina 1984) and later was recorded from Phu Quoc Island of Vietnam ( Bui 2007) and southwestern Cambodia ( Kosterin & Holden 2011). We describe the female of C. yamasakii although photos of the female (habitus in nature) were previously provided by Bui (2007: p. 15), Kompier (2017) and Kosterin & Holden (2011: Fig. 4 View FIGURE 4 ).

Description of the female. Head ( Fig. 7 View FIGURE 7 c–d). Labrum black with dark yellowish marking centrally. Mandibles and genae pale blue, this pattern extending to base of antennae at level of distal margin of postclypeus. Anteclypeus pale blue with two black spots on lower margin. Postclypeus entirely black. Top of first and second segments of antennae yellowish, remainder black. Epicranium matte black except for two wavy large yellow stripes each extending eye margin to posterior ocellus, and with a pair of oblong yellowish postocular spots.

Thorax ( Figs 6 View FIGURE 6 e–f, 7d). Prothorax black dorsally, propleuron yellowish ( Fig. 7d View FIGURE 7 ). Posterior margin of the posterior pronotal lobe only slightly extended, erected in lateral view ( Fig. 6 View FIGURE 6 e–f) and with two distinct lapels. Synthorax: black with a long, narrow yellowish antehumeral stripe; mesepimeron entirely black; metepisternum and metepimeron largely yellowish with black stripe along their border. Mesinfraepisternum and metinfraepisternum entirely yellow. Legs ( Fig. 7d View FIGURE 7 ): coxae and trochanters entirely yellowish; femora yellowish with black externally; tibia, spines and claws brownish black.

Wings. Hyaline, 18 px in FW and 19–20 in HW. Pt brown, covering 1.5 underlaying cells.

Abdomen ( Fig. 7e View FIGURE 7 ). S1 largely yellow, black dorsally and at posterior margin; S2–7 black dorsally, ventral margin yellowish with subapical yellow annulus; S8–9 black with an oval yellowish spot laterally, lower margin of S8 yellowish; S10 black.

Anal appendages ( Fig. 7e View FIGURE 7 ). Cerci black, nearly as long as S10. Dorsal half of ovipositor yellow, black ventrally.

Measurements (in mm). HW 27; abdomen including appendages 39.













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