Pentachlaena orientalis Capuron

Lowry Ii, Porter P., Haevermans, Thomas, Labat, Jean-Noël, Schatz, George E., Leroy, Jean-François & Wolf, Anne-Elizabeth, 2000, Endemic families of Madagascar. V. A synoptic revision of Eremolaena, Pentachlaena and Perrierodendron (Sarcolaenaceae), Adansonia (3) 22 (1), pp. 11-31: 19

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Pentachlaena orientalis Capuron


3. Pentachlaena orientalis Capuron  

Adansonia, sér. 2, 13: 289 (1973). — Type: Service Forestier (Capuron) 8628, Madagascar, Prov. Toamasina, forêt sublittorale sur sable, à Tampolo [STF], au N de Fénérive, [17°17’S, 49°23’E], Nov. 1953 (holo-, P!; iso-, G!, K!, MO!, P [3 sheets]!, TEF) GoogleMaps   .

Pentachlaena orientalis   occurs in humid forest on sand and laterite, and is known only from Tampolo STF, Analalava W of Foulpointe, and Betampona RNI (Fig. 3). This large tree can reach 25-30 m in height and 80-90 cm dbh ( CAPURON 1973), and is easily recognized by its large, elliptic and strongly discolorous leaves, and flowers that are borne on peduncles at least 15 mm long and subtended by distinctly laciniate bracts. Pentachlaena orientalis   is known from only seven collections,the most recent of which was made in 1963.

VERNACULAR NAMES. — Ampody, Tainenaka.

MATERIAL EXAMINED. — Réserves Naturelles 5917, Betampona RNI; Service Forestier 8628, 12580, Tampolo STF, 19920, Antsaravy, 22108, Mangalimaso, 22778, Analalava.


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