Lanurgus capensis Schedl, 1965

Jordal, Bjarte H., 2021, The mainly South African genus Lanurgus revised (Coleoptera, Scolytinae), Zootaxa 5027 (1), pp. 87-106: 97

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Lanurgus capensis Schedl, 1965


Lanurgus capensis Schedl, 1965  

( Figs 24, 26, 29 View FIGURES 23–29 )

Type material. Male , holotype: [ South Africa] Cape Province, Alexandria, IO. XI.1961, ex. Ochna arborea, J. S. Taylor   [ TMSA]. Paratype male, Ac. P.F. 733 [ NHMW]   .

Diagnosis, male. Length 1.1–1.2 mm, 2.4–2.5 × as long as wide, colour black. Scapus as long as broad, as broad as pedicel, with few seta as long as scapus; antennal club with two bisinuate sutures on basal half; elytral interstriae with spatulate setae in rows except confused on interstriae 8–9; protibiae with three apical denticles. Female unknown.

Distribution. South Africa.

Biology. This species is known to breed in Cape Plane, Ochna arborea   ( Ochnaceae   ).

Remarks. The type series consist of males only, characterised by four small tubercles along the anterior margin of the pronotum and the small rounded scapus with few short setae. Patterns in interstrial setae and sutures in the antennal club indicate some affiliation to Pseudolanurgus Jordal, 2021   . However, characters otherwise defining that genus is not observed in this species: the apical ventrite is not truncated, the elytral apex not lightly inflated, and some interstriae has multiple confused rows of erect setae.


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