Nephrolepis hirsutula (G. Forst.) Presl

Abotsi, Komla Elikplim, Kokou, Kouami, Dubuisson, Jean-Yves & Rouhan, Germinal, 2018, A first checklist of the Pteridophytes of Togo (West Africa), Biodiversity Data Journal 6, pp. 24137-24137: 24137

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Nephrolepis hirsutula (G. Forst.) Presl


Nephrolepis hirsutula (G. Forst.) Presl  


Type status: Other material. Occurrence: recordedBy: Abotsi, K.E.; Taxon: scientificName: Nephrolepis hirsutula (G. Forst.) Presl; namePublishedIn: Tent. Pterid. 79 (1836); kingdom: Plantae; phylum: Pteridophyta; class: Polypodiopsida; order: Polypodiales; family: Nephrolepidaceae; genus: Nephrolepis; specificEpithet: hirsutula; scientificNameAuthorship: (G. Forst.) Presl; Location: continent: Africa; country: Togo; countryCode: TG; locality: Lome , in gardens ; Identification: identifiedBy: Abotsi, K.E.; Event: habitat: Gardens; Record Level: basisOfRecord: Human observation  

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