Xyalaspis Hartig,

Ward, D. F., 2014, Overview and key to the New Zealand Cynipoidea (Hymenoptera), Zootaxa 3878 (6), pp. 563-579: 567

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Xyalaspis Hartig


Xyalaspis Hartig 

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Xyalaspis  is a new record for New Zealand, which likely represents an adventive species. The identification of Xyalaspis  is based on the scutellar spine ( Fergusson 1985). A species level determination has not been made, but it is not X. victoriensis  (which has a very elongate scutellar spine), the only Xyalaspis  in Australia ( New 1979). The apex of the scutellum in both Anacharis  and Xyalaspis  is very prominent, however, the two can be separated as Anacharis  has an elongate petiole and an internally carinated transverse groove in the mesopleuron. Xyalaspis  is uncommonly collected (only 15 specimens in the NZAC) but is widespread. North Island: AK, HB, TO. South Island: MC, NN, SL. The first record is from 1959, and a number of records are associated with orchards (from HB, MC, and NN). Two NZAC records indicate it is a parasitoid of Neuroptera  .


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