Solanderia sp. indet.

Fassbender, Nico, Stefanoudis, Paris V, Filander, Zoleka Nontlantla, Gendron, Gilberte, Mah, Christopher L, Mattio, Lydiane, Mortimer, Jeanne A, Moura, Carlos J, Samaai, Toufiek, Samimi-Namin, Kaveh, Wagner, Daniel, Walton, Rowana & Woodall, Lucy C, 2021, Reef benthos of Seychelles - A field guide, Biodiversity Data Journal 9, pp. 65970-65970: 65970

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Solanderia sp. indet.


Solanderia sp. indet.  


Type status: Other material. Taxon: scientificName: Solanderia; kingdom: Animalia; phylum: Cnidaria; class: Hydrozoa; order: Anthoathecata; family: Solanderiidae; genus: Solanderia; scientificNameAuthorship: Duchassaing & Michelin, 1846; Location: waterBody: Indian Ocean; country: Seychelles; locality: Aldabra N 1 ; minimumDepthInMeters: 10 m; maximumDepthInMeters: 10 m; locationRemarks: First Descent : Seychelles Expedition ; Identification : identifiedBy: Nico Fassbender , Carlos Moura , Paris Stefanoudis ; dateIdentified: 2019, 2020; identificationRemarks: identified only from imagery; Event : samplingProtocol: Submersible OR Remotely Operated Vehicle OR SCUBA; Record Level: basisOfRecord: Human observation    


Colonies are fan-shaped with fine branches typically growing in one plane. Colouration dark brown to black. Resemble sea fans, but can be distinguished by their extremely fine branches and very dark colouration. Commonly known as tree or sea fan hydroids (Fig. 109 View Figure 109 ).