Philhygra jarmilae Klimaszewski & Langor, 2011**

Webster, Reginald P., Klimaszewski, Jan, Sweeney, Jon D. & DeMerchant, Ian, 2012, New Staphylinidae (Coleoptera) records with new collection data from New Brunswick, and an addition to the fauna of Quebec, Canada: Aleocharinae, ZooKeys 186, pp. 83-118 : 99-100

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Philhygra jarmilae Klimaszewski & Langor, 2011**


Philhygra jarmilae Klimaszewski & Langor, 2011** Map 31 View Map 31 illustrations Klimaszewski et al. (2011)

Material examined.

New Brunswick, Carleton Co., (Belleville) Meduxnekeag Valley Nature Preserve, 46.1976°N, 67.6850°W, 4.V.2006, R. P. Webster, mixed forest, margin of vernal pond, in moist leaf litter (1 ♀, RWC); 1.3 km E jct. Rt. 540 & Plymouth Rd., 46.1867°N, 67.6817°W, 7.V.2008, R. P. Webster, rich Appalachian hardwood forest, in moss & leaf litter in seepage area (1 ♀, RWC); Jackson Falls, 46.2257°N, 67.7437°W, 12.IX.2009, R. P. Webster, river margin near waterfall, splashing moss near splash zone of waterfall (1 ♂, RWC). Queens Co., W of Jemseg near "Trout Creek", 45.8255°N, 66.1174°W, 1.VII.2008, R. P. Webster, seasonally flooded marsh, treading vegetation near margin of pool (1 ♂, 1 ♀, RWC); Canning, Grand Lake near Scotchtown, 45.8762°N, 66.1817°W, 25.V.2006, R. P. Webster, silver maple swamp near lake margin, margin of vernal pond, in moist leaves (3 ♂, 1 ♀, NBM, RWC). Restigouche Co., Little Tobique R. near Red Brook, 47.4465°N, 67.0689°W, 13.VI.2006, R. P. Webster, alder swamp near river, in debris on muddy soil near brook (1 ♂, RWC); Jacquet River Gorge P.N.A., 47.7627°N, 66.0270°W, 24.VI.2008, R. P. Webster, hardwood forest, margin of vernal pool, among moist leaves (1 ♀, RWC); same locality and collector but 47.7357°N, 66.0774°W, 24.VI.2008, among leaves and sedges near pond margin (1 ♂, RWC); same locality and collector but 47.8257°N, 66.0768°W, 16.VI.2009, balsam poplar forest, medium sized stream near outflow into Jacquet River, on partially shaded cobblestone island, among cobblestones (1 ♂, NBM); same locality and collector but 47.8200°N, 66.0015°W, 13.V.2010, under alders in leaf litter & moss near small brook in Carex marsh (1 ♂, NBM); Wild Goose Lake, 420 m elev., 47.8540°N, 68.3219°W, 7.VI.2011, R. P. Webster & M. Turgeon, lake margin with emergent Carex & grasses, treading Carex & grasses (1 ♂, NBM). York Co., Fredericton, at St. John River, 45.9588°N, 66.6254°W, 4.VII.2004, R. P. Webster, margin of river, in drift material (mostly maple seeds) (1 ♂, NBM); Charters Settlement, 45.8340°N, 66.7450°W, 29.V.2008, R. P. Webster, mature mixed forest, margin of vernal pond, among moist leaves (1 ♂, RWC).

Collection and habitat data.

In New Brunswick, Philhygra jarmilae was found in various wetland habitats. Adults were sifted from moist leaves along the margin of vernal ponds in mixed forests, a hardwood forest, and a silver maple swamp, sifted from leaves and sedges along a pond margin, treaded from Carex and grasses along a lake margin, sifted from moss and leaf litter in a seepage area in a hardwood forest, treaded from vegetation in a seasonally flooded marsh near a pool, sifted from debris on muddy soil near a brook, sifted from leaf litter and moss under alders near a brook, and from drift material on a river margin, hand collected from cobblestones on a partially shaded cobblestone bar along a medium-sized stream, and collected by splashing water on moss near the splash zone of a waterfall. Adults were captured during May, June, July, and September in New Brunswick. The holotype was captured in a flight intercept trap in a mixed forest ( Klimaszewski et al. (2011), otherwise nothing was previously known about the bionomics of this species.

Distribution in Canada and Alaska.

NB, NF ( Klimaszewski et al. 2011).