Malandena suturalis ( Odhner, 1917 ), Snail (Odhner, 1917

Hyman, Isabel T. & Ponder, Winston F., 2010, A morphological phylogenetic analysis and generic revision of Australian Helicarionidae (Gastropoda: Pulmonata: Stylommatophora), and an assessment of the relationships of the family 2462, Zootaxa 2462 (1), pp. 1-148: 67-68

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Malandena suturalis ( Odhner, 1917 )


Malandena suturalis ( Odhner, 1917)  

Figures 19K View FIGURE 19 , 20J View FIGURE 20 , 21K View FIGURE 21 , 22E View FIGURE 22 , 24A View FIGURE 24 , 25A–C View FIGURE 25

Macrochlamys suturalis Odhner, 1917: 81   , figs 35b, 36–38.

Macrochlamys suturalis depressa Odhner, 1917: 81   .

Malandena suturalis: Iredale, 1933: 56   ; Iredale, 1937c: 7; Smith, 1992: 236.

Synonymy follows Smith (1992).

Material examined. Queensland, Australia: AM C425087 (one shell measured, photographed), Atherton Tableland, near Peeramon (17º18.7' S, 145º38' E), under timber in disturbed rainforest, 27 Jan. 1974, I. Loch GoogleMaps   ; AM C425085 (two specimens dissected, one radula examined); Atherton Tablelands at Curtain Fig Tree, off Gillies Hwy (17º17' S, 145º14' E), under vesicular basalt rocks and wood, complex notophyll vine forest, 29 Sept. 1980, W.F. Ponder, I. Loch, J. Stanisic GoogleMaps   .

Description. External morphology: Shell ( Figures 19K View FIGURE 19 , 20J View FIGURE 20 , 21K View FIGURE 21 ) of about 4.8 whorls, pale golden brown; shape and sculpture as for genus. Animal pale cream. Mantle laps and lobes as for genus. Caudal horn long and overhanging foot; caudal foss vertical slit in tail.

Mantle cavity and digestive system: As for genus.

Genital system ( Figures 22E View FIGURE 22 , 24A View FIGURE 24 ): As for genus. Penis very short; epiphallus enters penis through simple pore; penis internally smooth, one major longitudinal penis pilaster and approximately ten minor longitudinal pilasters present. Epiphallus much longer than penis; internally with longitudinal pilasters. Epiphallic retractor caecum absent.

Radula   ( Figure 25A–C View FIGURE 25 ): As for genus. Radular formula ( × 100 rows.

Range and habitat. Malandena suturalis   is found from Cardwell Range to Thornton Peak, N of Mossman, N Queensland, in scrub, complex mesophyll to notophyll vine forest and rainforest. Specimens are usually found under logs, rocks and other debris on the ground.

Remarks. The genitalia figured by Odhner (1917) agree with the observations of the current study, except that he misidentified the bursa copulatrix as the ‘dart sac’. The subspecies described by Odhner (1917), Malandena suturalis depressa ( Odhner, 1917)   , is synonymised with M. suturalis   following Smith (1992) but it was not confirmed as the type specimens were not examined.


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Malandena suturalis ( Odhner, 1917 )

Hyman, Isabel T. & Ponder, Winston F. 2010

Malandena suturalis: Iredale, 1933: 56

Smith, B. J. 1992: 236
Iredale, T. 1937: 7
Iredale, T. 1933: 56

Macrochlamys suturalis

Odhner, N. H. J. 1917: 81

Macrochlamys suturalis depressa

Odhner, N. H. J. 1917: 81