Neotheronia matamorosi Gauld, 1991

Khalaim, Andrey I. & Ruíz-Cancino, Enrique, 2021, Darwin wasps of the subfamily Pimplinae (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae) of Mexico: genera Neotheronia Krieger, Nomosphecia Gupta and Xanthopimpla Saussure, Zootaxa 4950 (3), pp. 401-440: 415

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Neotheronia matamorosi Gauld, 1991


14. Neotheronia matamorosi Gauld, 1991  

Neotheronia charli Gauld, 1991: 440   [holotype ♀ (INBio), Costa Rica, Guanacaste Prov., Guanacaste National Park, Casa Maritza (= Mariksa ), 800 m, vii.1986, coll. I.D. Gauld; ♀ ♂].

References. Gauld et al. 1998: 131 [in key; Costa Rica].

Material examined. MEXICO. Veracruz: San Andrés, Biological Station Los Tuxlas , 150–250 m, selva alta perennifolia, Malaise trap   , coll. M. Madora: 1 ♀ and 1 ♂ ( UNAM) 14.iv–13.v.2013   , 4 ♀ and 3 ♂ (1 ♀ in UAT, 2 ♀ and 3 ♂ in UNAM, 1 ♀ in ZISP)–24.vii.2013   , 3 ♀ (2 ♀ in UNAM, 1 ♀ in ZISP) 24.vii–16.viii.2013   , 1 ♀ and 5 ♂ (1 ♀ and 4 ♂ in UNAM, 1 ♂ in ZISP) 16.viii–17.ix.2013   , 3 ♀ and 1 ♂ (2 ♀ and 1 ♂ in UNAM, 1 ♀ in ZISP) 17.ix–15.x.2013   , 1 ♀ (UAT) 15.x–16.xi.2013, 1 ♂ ( UNAM) 30.xi–17.xii.2013   , 1 ♀ ( UNAM) i.2014   , 1 ♂ ( ZISP) 1–14.v.2014   , 1 ♀ ( UNAM) 16–   .

Diagnosis (based on Mexican material). Clypeus with transverse rounded ridge. Occiput with mediodorsal notch. Mandible with upper tooth subequal to lower tooth. Epicnemial carina usually with upper angulation evanescent, but always with a short discontinuous part of the carina visible adjacent to anterior margin of mesopleuron. Propodeum with median and lateral longitudinal carinae well developed in front of transverse carina. Ovipositor straight, slender, projecting beyond apex of subgenital plate by 1.4× length of hind tibia.

Predominantly yellow and orange species. Vertex sometimes with weak brownish mark extending from lateral ocellus to margin of eye. Flagellum black with three or four basal flagellomeres yellowish or brownish. Posterior margin of pronotum in upper half, longitudinal median stripe on mesoscutum, scutoscutellar groove, spot in upper part of mesopleuron (behind subtegular ridge), anterior margin of propodeum and subbasal transverse bands on tergites 2 and following weakly infuscate to black. Propodeum near insertion of metasoma sometimes fuscous. Hind leg orange with only distal tarsomere blackish. Wings distinctly infumate with brown, fore wing with a large apical blackish spot. Ovipositor sheath pale basally and fuscous apially.

Variation. Most Mexican specimens have fuscous markings on head, mesosoma and metasoma, and wings distinctly infumate with brown, while Costa Rican specimens are orange, without fuscous markings, and with wings more or less hyaline. Nevertheless, morphologically Mexican and Costa Rican material is almost identical, and we consider that this is one species.

Distribution. Mexico (Veracruz), Costa Rica. First record from Mexico.


Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico


Zoological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences














Neotheronia matamorosi Gauld, 1991

Khalaim, Andrey I. & Ruíz-Cancino, Enrique 2021

Neotheronia charli

Gauld, I. D. 1991: 440