Chenopodium album var. album

Jonsell, B., Karlsson, 2005, Chenopodiaceae - Fumariaceae (Chenopodium), Flora Nordica 2, pp. 4-31 : 23

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Chenopodium album var. album


15a. var. album View in CoL Figs 3E, H, 10B

Seed-coat smooth or faintly radially striate (rarely more uneven, but never reticulate); epidermal cell walls not visible. - Mid-summer to late autumn.

2n=54 (F A 3, EK, EH 2, EP, ES 5, KL, Ks, PeP, PK6, PS 3, St 3, U 2, V6, S LL 2, Nb 2, Sk 4). - [2n=54]

Distribution. Nem-MB or(-NB or) [-LAlp], [MArct]. - Archaeophytic. D common throughout. N common in the south (more frequent than C. suecicum) and west to SF, further north fairly rare to rare and usually casual. S common in the southern and eastern parts north to Mpd, more often casual and rarer (also compared with C. suecicum) further north and in higher altitudes. F common north to EP, PH, PS and PK; further north rarer and more rarely established (also compared with C. suecicum). Fa casual; Torshavn 1867, 1926 (specimens somewhat uncertain). I casual; confirmed from ISu Flói 1950, INo several records 1884-1980, and IVe 4 localities 1931-50; reported from some further places, including 4 in /Aw, 4 in INv, and a semiestablished occurrence in ISu Vestmannaeyjar (most of these probably referring to C. album ; C. suecicum appears to be a rare and recent casual). AI casual; Sb Longyearbyen and Ny �lesund 1928, Barentsburg 1993 (determination not confirmed).

Throughout the area of the species.

Habitat. An extremely common weed in all kinds of cultivated land and on disturbed, ± open soil close to settlements; especially frequent and abundant in nitrogen-rich habitats; sometimes also on shores (especially when enriched by drift) and bird-skerries.

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