Eutropis macularia (Blyth, 1853)

Mulcahy, Daniel G., Lee, Justin L., Miller, Aryeh H., Chand, Mia, Thura, Myint Kyaw & Zug, George R., 2018, Filling the BINs of life: Report of an amphibian and reptile survey of the Tanintharyi (Tenasserim) Region of Myanmar, with DNA barcode data, ZooKeys 757, pp. 85-152: 85

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Eutropis macularia (Blyth, 1853)


Eutropis macularia (Blyth, 1853)  


Two adult females 59.4 (crushed), 61.8 mm SVL, incomplete, 83 mm regenerated TailL; NA, 12.6 mm HeadL; 45-53% TrunkL/SVL, 37-42% HindlL/SVL, NA, 20% HeadL/SVL, NA, 84% HeadW/HeadL, 51% HeadH/HeadL, NA, 47% SnEye/HeadL, NA, 32% EyeEar/HeadL. Supralabials 7, 5th largest and beneath eye, 7 or 8 infralabials; 34, 36 dorsal scale rows from nape to above vent, dorsal scales 5 to 7 keeled, predominately 7 keels; 30, 32 scales around midbody; 11 fourth finger lamellae, 14 fourth toe lamellae. In preservative, dark above and dusky below; dorsum medium reddish brown from snout onto tail, laterally lighter reddish brown broad stripe from snout to hind limbs, bordered above by tannish stripe from snout to mid trunk and below by white stripe from snout across supralabials to anterior trunk.

Natural history notes.

Seen on the banks of a forest stream.

General Distribution.

Widespread, Pakistan through northern peninsular India to Southeast Asia and northern West Malaysia.

Molecular Data.

Our specimens were placed in their own COIBIN and are 15-16% divergent from six E. macularia   in BOLD from Vietnam (not public). The 16S sequences are 98-99% similar to two specimens in GenBank (AY159078, KX231450) from Myanmar, Ayeyarwady Region ( CAS 212475) and Tanintharyi, Dawei ( CAS 247949) and were placed in the same clade as these individuals. It is likely that the Myanmar and Vietnam populations represent different species.


This taxon likely contains multiple cryptic species ( Barley et al. 2015).

Specimens examined.

USNM 587035-036

Red List status.