Scaphios orellana, Platnick & Duperre, 2010

Platnick, Norman I. & Dupérré, Nadine, 2010, The Andean Goblin Spiders Of The New Genera Niarchos And Scaphios (Araneae, Oonopidae), Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 2010 (345), pp. 1-120 : 112-116

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Scaphios orellana

new species

Scaphios orellana , new species Figs. 867–889

TYPE: Male holotype taken in rainforest litter at an elevation of 295 m at the Estación Científica Yasuni , Río Tiputini , Puerto Francisco de Orellana, Parroquia, Puerto Francisco de Orellana, 0.067428uS, 76.39764uW, Orellana, Ecuador (Dec. 1–5, 2009; M. Ramírez, Niarchos Exped. ), deposited in QCAZ (PBI_OON 464) .

ETYMOLOGY: The specific name is a noun in apposition taken from the type locality.

DIAGNOSIS: Males can be recognized by the reduced abdominal scuta (figs. 867, 873) and the relatively short distal portion of the embolus (figs. 875–879), females by the procurved transverse bar situated anteriorly of a much wider epigynal atrium (figs. 888, 889).

MALE (PBI_OON 464, figs. 867–879): Total length 1.32. PME oval; ALE separated by less than their radius; PLE-PME separat- ed by less than PME radius. Endites with anterior projections beaklike, directed laterally. Leg spination: tibiae IV v0-0- 1p. Embolus relatively short, bent prolaterally at about 2/3 its length, tip bent, directed posteriorly; bulb tapering apically (figs. 875–879).

FEMALE (PBI_OON 465, figs. 880–889): Total length 1.56. Posterior eye row straight from above, procurved from front. Leg spination: tibiae IV v0-0- 1p. Transverse bar at base of anterior projection relatively short, procurved, situated anteriorly of widely oval atrium (figs. 888, 889).

OTHER MATERIAL EXAMINED: Ecuador: Orellana: Estación Científica Yasunı´, Río Tiputini, Puerto Francisco de Orellana, Parroquia , Puerto Francisco de Orellana, 0.067428uS, 76.39764uW, Dec. 1–5, 2009, rainforest litter, elev. 295 m (M. Ramírez, Niarchos Exped., MACN PBI _OON 465), 1 U ; Reserva Etnica Waorani , 1 km S Onkone Gare Camp, 0u39925.770S, 76u27910.80W, Oct. 8, 1995, elev. 215 m (T. Erwin, USNM PBI_OON 469), 2 U, same Feb. 7, 1996 (T. Erwin, USNM PBI_OON 471), 1 U, same, June 26, 1996 (T. Erwin, USNM PBI_OON 473), 2 U, same, Oct. 4, 1996 (T. Erwin, USNM PBI_OON 472), 1 U ; Tiputini Biodiversity Station, near Parque Nacional Yasunı´ , 0u379550S, 76u089390W, July 1, 1998, elev. 220–250 m (T. Erwin, USNM PBI_ OON 468), 1 U, same, Oct. 24, 1998 ( USNM PBI_OON 470), 1 U .

DISTRIBUTION: Known only from extremely lowland sites in Orellana province, Ecuador.


Museo de Zoologia, Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Ecuador


Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of Natural History