Phyllostomus elongatus (É. Geoffroy, 1810)

Verde, Rair Sousa, Ferreira Oliveira, Sidney, Meneses, Andressa Oliveira, Gonçalves, Felipe, Alencar, Luana, Martins Silva, Thiago, Muniz Calouro, Armando, Augusto Mews, Henrique & Ferreira Morato, Elder, 2021, Bats (Mammalia, Chiroptera) from a bamboo-dominated forest in the southwestern Brazilian Amazon, with the first records of Glyphonycteris sylvestris Thomas, 1896 and Phylloderma stenops Peters, 1865 from Acre state, Check List 17 (2), pp. 311-321 : 316

publication ID 10.15560/17.2.311

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Phyllostomus elongatus (É. Geoffroy, 1810)


Phyllostomus elongatus (É. Geoffroy, 1810)

Figure 3H

Materials examined. BRAZIL • 2 adult ♂; Acre, mu- nicipality of Sena Madureira, Floresta Estadual do Anti- mary; 09°18′41.19″S, 068°17′34.58″W; 200 m a.s.l.; Jun. 2016; R. S. Verde leg.; collected with mist nets; voucher: LEM-1159 ( Fig. 3H) GoogleMaps .

Identification. Forearm 63–65 mm long; tibia longer than 23 mm; greatest length of skull more than 29 mm; lower incisors trifid.


Departamento de Geologia, Universidad de Chile