Glyphonycteris sylvestris Thomas, 1896

Verde, Rair Sousa, Ferreira Oliveira, Sidney, Meneses, Andressa Oliveira, Gonçalves, Felipe, Alencar, Luana, Martins Silva, Thiago, Muniz Calouro, Armando, Augusto Mews, Henrique & Ferreira Morato, Elder, 2021, Bats (Mammalia, Chiroptera) from a bamboo-dominated forest in the southwestern Brazilian Amazon, with the first records of Glyphonycteris sylvestris Thomas, 1896 and Phylloderma stenops Peters, 1865 from Acre state, Check List 17 (2), pp. 311-321 : 317

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Glyphonycteris sylvestris Thomas, 1896


Glyphonycteris sylvestris Thomas, 1896

Figure 3T

Materials examined. BRAZIL • 1 adult ♂; Acre, mu- nicipality of Sena Madureira, Floresta Estadual do Anti- mary; 09°18′41.19″S, 068°17′34.58″W; 200 m a.s.l.; Mar. 2017; R. S. Verde leg.; collected with mist nets; voucher: LEM-1162 ( Fig. 3T) GoogleMaps .

Identification. Dorsal hair tricolored; greatest length of skull less than 25 mm; two pairs of upper incisors, outer incisor hidden by cingulum of canine; lower incisors nor- mal (not anteriorly-posteriorly long and transversely narrow). Morphological characteristics (external, cranial and dental) observed in the collected specimen allowed the correct identification. Measurements (in mm) obtained from the collected male: forearm length 39.9, third meta- carpal 36.6, fourth metacarpal 35.3, fifth metacarpal 38.2, total skull length 19.8, basal condyle length 18.2, series of upper teeth 8, length of mandible 12.8, series of lower teeth series 8.3, zygomatic width 9.7, cranial cavity width 8.2.

Comments. Our record expands the distribution of G. sylvestris by nearly 650 km northwest of the nearest Am- azon record ( Tirira et al. 2016).


Departamento de Geologia, Universidad de Chile