Bombus soroeensis lectitatus Kruseman, 1958,

Ornosa, Concepción, Torres, Félix & Rúa, Pilar De La, 2017, Updated list of bumblebees (Hymenoptera: Apidae) from the Spanish Pyrenees with notes on their decline and conservation status, Zootaxa 4237 (1), pp. 41-77: 50

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Bombus soroeensis lectitatus Kruseman, 1958


Bombus soroeensis lectitatus Kruseman, 1958 

The nominal form presents yellow and black bands with a white tail. Individuals with a pronounced ferruginous colouring on T4 have been regarded here as the subspecies lectitatus ( Table 2), considered until recently as the only one spread in the Pyrenees (Rasmont & Iserbyt 2013). This pronounced ferruginous colouring of T4 is constant and differs from that in B. s. ancaricus or B. s. proteus, but further genetic research would be desirable at the subspecies level. This subspecies has been found only in central and eastern Pyrenees, between 1532 and 2125 m, on Cirsium arvense  (L.) Scop., Eryngium bourgatii Gouan.  , Gentiana lutea  , Medicago sativa  , Phlomis lychnitis  L, Sempervivum montanum  L., Trifolium pratense L.  and Trifolium repens L. 

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