Sphagomyia botswana, Londt, 2002

Londt, Jason G. H., 2002, Afrotropical Asilinae (Asilidae): A provisional key to genera, with a review of the status of Neomochtherus Osten Sacken, 1878, and descriptions of new genera and species, African Invertebrates 43, pp. 11-92 : 53-54

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https://doi.org/ 10.5281/zenodo.7666136

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Sphagomyia botswana

sp. nov.

Sphagomyia botswana View in CoL sp. n. ( Figs 183–191 View Figs 183–191 )

Etymology: Named after the country of Botswana where most of the type specimens were collected.

Diagnosis: Head:Antennal scape and pedicel yellowish; postpedicel shorter than stylus. Thorax: Postpronotal lobe with long setae. Dorsocentrals present only posterior to transverse suture. Microtrichial coverage of wing moderate in distal area (proximal tip of cell r 5 bare). Prothoracic femur with long, fine, hair-like posteroventral setae only. Metathoracic coxa with one lateral macroseta; trochanter brownish yellow; femur entirely yellowish or brownish with dark red-brown to black macrosetae. Abdomen: Ovipositor relatively short and broad (length:width ratio, measured dorsally <3.3) and relatively long and shallow (length:depth ratio, measured laterally>2.8). Gonocoxite length:width ratio <1.6. Distal margin of S8 lacking medial process or sclerotised area. Ventromedial area of hypandrium greatly constricted (ca. one quarter width of lateral parts). Gonostylus clearly attenuate with knobbed distal end. Aedeagal terminal filaments tiny and poorly developed. Gonostylus longer than gonocoxite (viewed ventrally). Aedeagus straight, relatively short and laterally compressed. Epandrium with distinctive dorsal process/ lobe.

Material examined: Holotype: BOTSWANA: 1ơ, ‘ Malaise trap / Serowe; Botswana / Forchhammer Leg. / Date 2-xi/1983’. Paratypes: BOTSWANA: 3ơ 1^, ‘ Botswana SE2226BD / Farmers Brigade 5km / SE of Serowe Hillside / N Slope. P Forchhammer / Malaise trap’ [basic label – date and trap number as follows] x-85 MT 3 (1ơ), xi-85 trap 1 (1ơ), xi-85 trap 3 (1ơ), xii.1985 trap 1 (1^); 1^, ‘ Malaise trap / Serowe; Botswana / Forchhammer Leg. / Date 19-x/1983’; 1ơ, ‘Botswana / Serowe / M.T. 6 xi-87’; 5ơ, ‘ Botswana SE2226BD / Serowe. Farmer’s / Brigade. Malaise trap. Forchhammer’ [basic label – date and trap number as follows] x-88 trap 8 (3ơ), xi-88 trap 9 (2ơ). SOUTH AFRICA: 1ơ, ‘ South Africa. Transvaal / Kruger Park 9-xii-1972 / Shongile borehole nr Letaba / tree trunks & water edge / Stuckenberg family 2331Cd’; 1ơ, ‘Potgieters / Rust [Potgietersrus 24 ° 11'S: 29 ° 01'E], Tvl. ’ ~ ‘ G. M. Melle / Oct. 1920 ’ ( SAMC) GoogleMaps .

Type locality: Botswana, Serowe (probably Farmer’s Brigade farm).

Comments: Sphagomyia has an epandrium resembling illustrations provided by Lehr (1996) of his monotypic, palaearctic Leleyellus Lehr, 1996 . This may be a case of convergence. P. botswana may be separated from kenya on features of the genitalia and coloration of the legs.


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