Oppiella Jacot, 1937, Jacot, 1937

Toluk, Ayşe & Ayyildiz, Nusret, 2009, Three new species of Oppiidae from Turkey (Acari: Oribatida), Zootaxa 1988, pp. 33-47: 40

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http://doi.org/ 10.5281/zenodo.185484

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Oppiella Jacot, 1937


Oppiella Jacot, 1937  

Type-species: Eremaeus   novus Oudemans, 1902

Diagnosis: Rostrum smooth or incised; a pair of well-developed costulae situated between lamellar and interlamellar setae present; sensilli usually fusiform, ciliate; setae c 2 present; ten pairs of notogastral setae; notogastral cristae present; anterior edge of notogaster mostly encompassed by humeral process; genital plates with five pairs of setae; lyrifissures iad paraanal in position.

There are two subgenera of the genus Oppiella   , Oppiella (Oppiella) Jacot, 1937   and Oppiella (Perspicuoppia) Pérez-Iñigo, 1971   . They can be distinguished by the following key.