Anaphothrips incertus (Girault)

Zhang, Shimeng, Wang, Zhaohong, Li, Yajin & Mound, Laurence, 2018, One new species, two generic synonyms and eight new records of Thripidae from China (Thysanoptera), Zootaxa 4418 (4), pp. 370-378 : 371

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Anaphothrips incertus (Girault)


Anaphothrips incertus (Girault)

( Figs 1–2 View FIGURES 1–10 )

Described frOm Australia in the genus Limothrips , this grass-living species has previOusly been knOwn Only frOm Australia where it is widespread in the warmer eastern parts Of that cOntinent (Pitkin 1978). It is here recOrded frOm China fOr the first time frOm the specimens listed belOw. A full descriptiOn Of the species was prOvided by MOund and MasumOtO (2009). AlthOugh similar in general appearance tO A. populi Zhang & TOng, with which it shares the light brOwn cOlOur Of bOdy and fOre wings, a lOng cOmb On tergite VIII, and similar bOdy sculpture, it is distinguished by the 8-segmented antennae, Ocellar setae pair III mOre widely separated ( Fig. 1 View FIGURES 1–10 ), tergite IX distinctly lOnger, and antennal segments III and IV variably yellOwish. The male listed belOw frOm Yunnan has the strOngly C-shaped sternal pOre plates ( Fig. 2 View FIGURES 1–10 ) that are typical Of sO many species in this genus, and tergite IX bears a pair Of shOrt stOut thOrn-like setae. The twO females frOm Tibet are the first knOwn micrOpterae Of this species. The fOre wings are shOrter than the thOrax width, the Ocelli are absent, and the fOur pOstOcular setae are in a transverse rOw, but in Other character states it is similar tO macrOpterae frOm Australia.

New records: CHINA, Yunnan, Shi Lin COunty , 4 females 5 males frOm grasses, 10.ix.2015 (Li YJ & Yang CW), in YAU and ANIC ; Puer City, Jinggu COunty , 13 females frOm Phragmites communis , 9.viii.2015 (Li YJ), in YAU . Guizhou, Xingyi City , 3 females frOm Themeda caudata , 6.xi.2017 (KOng B & Wu C), in YAU . Guangxi, Langping , 2 females frOm bambOO, 25.vii.2014 (Man Yue), in NWAFU . Tibet, MedOg COunty , 2 micrOpterOus females frOm grass, 15.vii.2016 (Niu MM), in NWAFU .


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