Dictyothrips betae Uzel

Zhang, Shimeng, Wang, Zhaohong, Li, Yajin & Mound, Laurence, 2018, One new species, two generic synonyms and eight new records of Thripidae from China (Thysanoptera), Zootaxa 4418 (4), pp. 370-378: 372

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Dictyothrips betae Uzel


Dictyothrips betae Uzel  

( Figs 3–4 View FIGURES 1–10 )

Described frOm central EurOpe, and recOrded widely frOm nOrthern Italy tO Denmark and acrOss eastern EurOpe tO Siberia, this species is presumably HOlarctic in distributiOn. It is recOrded here fOr the first time frOm China, in the far nOrth Of this cOuntry. Despite being sO widely recOrded, zur Strassen (2003) indicated that the hOst plant remained unknOwn. HOwever, CiuffO et al. (2010) recOrded this thrips as a vectOr Of a species Of tOspOvirus On twO species Of Polygonum   in Italy. Dictyothrips   was listed by MasumOtO and Okajima (2017) as a member Of the Anaphothrips   grOup, because Of the lack Of lOng setae On the prOnOtum. Within that grOup, it is distinguished because Of the presence Of discal setae On the median sternites, and the presence Of a craspedum On tergites II –VII. The Only member Of the genus is yellOw in cOlOur, with characteristic delicate markings within the sculptured reticles On the bOdy ( Fig. 3 View FIGURES 1–10 ), tergite IX with nO anteriOr campanifOrm sensilla but shOrt stOut majOr setae ( Fig. 4 View FIGURES 1–10 ), Ocellar setae III small and clOse tOgether within the Ocellar triangle, and antennal segments III –VI with prOminent rings Of micrOtrichia On bOth surfaces.

New recOrds: China, Inner Mongolia, Chifeng , 2 females frOm unidentified POaceae   , 6.vii.2014 (Zhang SM), in NWAFU.