Ensiferothrips wallacei Mound & Tree, 2016

Zhang, Shimeng, Wang, Zhaohong, Li, Yajin & Mound, Laurence, 2018, One new species, two generic synonyms and eight new records of Thripidae from China (Thysanoptera), Zootaxa 4418 (4), pp. 370-378 : 373

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Ensiferothrips wallacei Mound & Tree


Ensiferothrips wallacei Mound & Tree  

( Fig. 15 View FIGURES 11–15 )

The genus Ensiferothrips   cOmprises fOur species. Three Of these are frOm Australia Of which One is alsO knOwn frOm New CaledOnia and NOrfOlk Island. In cOntrast, wallacei   was described frOm fOur females taken by insecticide fOgging Of an unidentified fOrest tree in Sulawesi, IndOnesia. This species is here recOrded frOm China fOr the first time, and the plant frOm which it was cOllected is clOsely related tO the knOwn hOst plants Of twO species in this genus (MOund & Tree 2016). In structure, it is very similar tO the type species Of the genus, E. primus   , with which it shares curiOusly large dark, grOOved majOr setae On the head and prOnOtum ( Fig. 15 View FIGURES 11–15 ).

New recOrds: China, Hainan, DanzhOu, TrOpical BOtanical Garden, 1 female frOm Maclura tricuspidata   [ MOraceae   ], 19.x.2014 (ChaO ZhaO), in SCAU.