Indusiothrips seshadrii Priesner

Zhang, Shimeng, Wang, Zhaohong, Li, Yajin & Mound, Laurence, 2018, One new species, two generic synonyms and eight new records of Thripidae from China (Thysanoptera), Zootaxa 4418 (4), pp. 370-378: 373

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Indusiothrips seshadrii Priesner


Indusiothrips seshadrii Priesner  

( Fig. 14 View FIGURES 11–15 )

Until recently, this species was knOwn Only frOm specimens cOllected in sOuthern India (WilsOn 1975). HOwever, in 2016 it was cOllected On Oahu in the Hawaiian Islands (MOund et al. 2017), and the females listed belOw frOm sOuthern China represent the third published recOrd Of the species. Presumably it is widespread in Asia in assOciatiOn with the frOnds Of One Or mOre species Of ferns. The Only Other member Of the genus, nakaharai, is knOwn frOm members Of the fern family POlypOdiaceae in Japan. These twO species are small pale thrips with the dOrsal surface Of the head reticulate ( Fig. 14 View FIGURES 11–15 ).

New recOrds: China, Jiangxi, Anfu COunty, Taishan TOwn, Mt.WugOngshan, fOur females frOm grass, 12.viii.2016 (ZhaOhOng Wang), in SCAU. Guizhou, Zunyi City, 4 females frOm Mallotus repandus   , 16.viii.2016 (Yan XQ); Xingyi City, 2 female frOm Viburnum chinshanense   , 10.ix.2017 (Li YJ), in YAU. Yunnan, Yuxi City, TOnghai COunty, Xiushan Park, 15 females, 1 male frOm Dryopteris   sp., 22.v.2017 (Zhang HR & Li YJ), in YAU. Chongqing, Xiushan COunty, 7 females frOm fern, 9.viii.2017 (Li YJ), in YAU.