Moundinothrips robustus (Bhatti)

Zhang, Shimeng, Wang, Zhaohong, Li, Yajin & Mound, Laurence, 2018, One new species, two generic synonyms and eight new records of Thripidae from China (Thysanoptera), Zootaxa 4418 (4), pp. 370-378 : 373

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Moundinothrips robustus (Bhatti)


Moundinothrips robustus (Bhatti)

( Fig. 12 View FIGURES 11–15 )

The Only species in this genus has been knOwn frOm a single female cOllected in CibOdas BOtanic Gardens, BOgOr, Java. The species is similar in general appearance ( Fig. 12 View FIGURES 11–15 ) tO members Of the genus Taeniothrips , but the first antennal segment bears a pair Of dOrsO-apical setae, the prOnOtum has Only a single pair Of pOsterO-marginal setae, the mesO and the metasternal furca bOth have a well-develOped spinula, and sternite VII bears Only twO pairs Of marginal setae. These character states suggest that the Taeniothrips -like appearance is nOt an indicatiOn Of any systematic relatiOnship. The presence in China Of a species frOm Java is nOt particularly surprising, and further members Of the Taeniothrips cOmplex (MOund et al. 2012) are likely tO be discOvered in sOuthern China.

New recOrds: China, Yunnan, all cOllected by Zhang HR & Li YJ: Yuxi City, MOpan MOuntain, 1 female frOm unknOwn plant, 17.iii.2015 ; Wuding COunty, LiOn MOuntain , 3 females frOm fern, 14.v.2017 ; Shilin COunty , 1 female frOm Photinia serrulata , 15.iii.2017, in YAU.