tubuliferus (Pfeiffer, 1854)

Sutcharit, Chirasak, Ablett, Jonathan D. & Panha, Somsak, 2019, An annotated type catalogue of seven genera of operculate land snails (Caenogastropoda, Cyclophoridae) in the Natural History Museum, London, ZooKeys 842, pp. 1-65: 1

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tubuliferus (Pfeiffer, 1854)


91. tubuliferus (Pfeiffer, 1854)   Fig. 12I, J

Cyclostoma (Cyclotus) tubuliferum   Pfeiffer, 1854c [1853]: 51.

Pterocyclos tubuliferus   - Reeve 1863: volume 14, Pterocyclos   , pl. 5, species 24.

Cyclotus tubuliferus   - Kobelt 1902: 218.

Current generic position.

Cyclotus   Swainson, 1840

Type locality.


Type material.

Syntype NHMUK 20170370 (3 shells; Fig. 12I, J).


The original description did not include an illustration or collection locality. Pfeiffer stated that this species was described based on material from the Cuming collection, and only one set of shell dimensions was given. Later, Reeve (1863) re-published the description and figured a specimen from the Cuming collection. A specimen lot containg three shells from the Cuming collection with an original label in Pfeiffer’s handwriting giving the species name is housed in the NHM collections. The specimen that most closely matches the measurements given in the original description and the illustration in Reeve (1863) is figured herein (Fig. 12I).